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In this rapidly evolving digital age, repurposing and reusing video content has become a crucial necessity for any content creator or brand seeking to increase its reach and follower base. As a result, converting YouTube videos into short videos can save time, money, and energy that could have been spent on creating new content from scratch. In this article, we will explore together the most important and best websites dedicated to repurposing videos or reimagining the original video. However, before we begin, you should have some basic information.

Top 9 Sites to Convert YouTube Video to Short Videos

What is meant by "video re-purposing" or "converting YouTube videos," and what is its importance?

Video redirection, such as redirecting YouTube videos, is the process of repurposing existing video content and adapting it for different audiences, platforms, or formats. It can be thought of as giving the video a new look, a new life, and new objectives.

Simply put, video redirection means expanding the scope and value of video content to suit different platforms and audiences in the way they desire and that resonates with them. Additionally, it can be used to promote your content and ideas in various forms, as well as effectively promote your YouTube channel.

Therefore, websites that convert YouTube videos into short videos or vertical videos are considered to be among the most important tools that YouTubers and content creators should utilize.

What are the available video formats for content creators on YouTube?

Certainly, there are several ways to creatively and professionally repurpose video content on YouTube. Here are some examples:
1. Convert the video into short clips for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
2. Transform the video's text or script into a blog article or post.
3. Convert instructional videos into an eBook.
4. Merge video clips to create a longer video.
5. Use still frames from the video to create social media posts and images.
6. Convert the video into a podcast episode.
7. Use video clips to create short promotional videos, such as trailers.
8. Utilize video clips to create GIFs or meme images.
9. Use video snippets as backgrounds in presentations or events.
10. Incorporate videos into comprehensive training courses.
11. Incorporate videos into online training webinars.
These are just some ideas for creatively repurposing and reusing your video content. You can choose the methods that best suit your video content, target audience, and intended purpose for reuse.

Converting YouTube video into short videos for social media 

One of the common methods currently used for reusing video clips is converting YouTube videos into short videos that are suitable for various social media platforms.

Simply put, you can convert YouTube videos or horizontal videos (16:9) into vertical videos (9:16) to make them compatible with the requirements and dimensions of video clips on social media platforms, which are commonly used on mobile phones and have vertical or portrait dimensions.
Furthermore, there is also importance in creating shorter videos, as they become easier to share on different platforms and target specific audiences. Short videos are also more understandable and attention-grabbing, leading to better engagement and increased views.
Moreover, changing the use of content can save time and effort in creating new content while still providing value to your audience. In general, creating shorter videos from longer YouTube videos can lead to increased reach and better audience engagement.

The best tools to convert YouTube video to short videos online 


Munch is a brilliant website that aims to creatively repurpose videos. You can use the website to convert your own video into a collection of short videos with just one click, identifying the best moments where the audience interacts with the video.


Furthermore, you can use the website to transform YouTube videos into short videos that align with the latest trends and popular keywords. This allows you to increase the reach of your videos on social media platforms.

In addition, Munch creates attractive and automatic subtitles for all videos. It's worth mentioning that you can directly publish or schedule your videos on social media platforms through Munch.


"Chopcast" website stands out for its ability to divide videos or podcasts into multiple segments, based on interested individuals, content, or impactful keywords within the video. Additionally, the website offers a translation service with an accuracy rate of up to 97%.

Furthermore, the "Chopcast" website provides the option to use it as a trial to test its strength in reusing and transforming YouTube videos into short video clips. The website allows you to upload a collection of videos with a total duration of 60 minutes during an entire week to experience the website for free.

Content fries

Content Fries was established in 2019 as a powerful platform that offers excellent services for those who want to repurpose their long-form video content and convert podcasts or YouTube videos into short video clips suitable for social media platforms. Additionally, videos can be transformed into highly cohesive articles.

Content fries

The standout feature of Content Fries is its ability to identify the best times for viewer engagement within YouTube videos, as well as identifying the most impactful keywords and eliminating excessive dialogue or sudden silent moments, making the short clips more focused and appealing to viewers while accurately adding subtitles or captions. Furthermore, there are many things you can do within the website, including converting videos into podcasts, merging different video clips to create longer videos, and much more.


Repurpose.io has been developed as an advanced tool to assist video creators, live streamers, and podcasters in easily repurposing and distributing their content across multiple platforms. With Repurpose.io, you can convert existing content from various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Zoom, Webex, Google Drive, and Dropbox into content suitable for all social media platforms.

Using the advanced features of Repurpose.io, you can significantly increase your audience reach while saving time by efficiently converting a single video into over 15 different pieces of content, all of which will be automatically published with a single click. 
There are more fantastic features on Repurpose.io, such as:
- You can convert YouTube videos into podcasts within seconds.
- Automatic subtitles or burned captions are added to the repurposed videos, allowing for wider distribution and audience engagement on social media platforms.
- You can choose from a variety of templates and colors that suit your content and brand.
- Of course, the site enables automatic publishing of your videos on YouTube in full (even if it's 1,000 videos!) and repurposing them to produce short videos that are automatically published on social media platforms as you prefer.
Repurpose.io offers a free trial version for either 14 days or up to ten conversions of YouTube videos into short videos and their distribution across various platforms. This is to ensure the excellence of the site without any obligations or the need to enter any banking details.

Vidyo ai  

Vidyo ai

One of the standout websites for video editing and repurposing using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, while leveraging views and audiences, is Vidyo. The website offers an excellent collection of ready-made templates suitable for social media, along with instant translation services.

Moreover, the website allows you to choose from multiple models or formats suitable for all platforms. You can also add or modify the timing or duration of the video clip to enhance engagement within the video description box. It's worth mentioning that Vidyo also offers a completely free plan that doesn't require any costs other than utilizing the website's exceptional features. You can use the website to repurpose your videos and convert YouTube videos into short clips suitable for social media platforms.

Latte social 

Latte social

Latte Social is an amazing website that converts YouTube videos into stunning short videos, making them suitable for social media platforms with just one click. It achieves this by identifying viewers' favorite and most engaging moments. Thanks to this website, you can now convert long videos or even lectures from the Zoom platform into great short videos that include distinctive subtitles.



If you want to professionally convert YouTube videos into short clips with embedded dynamic subtitles, it is highly recommended to try the "Choppitty" website. This website adds a professional touch to the process of creating short video clips, focusing precisely on the speaker and providing the appropriate dimensions for various social media platforms. Additionally, the website allows you to choose the style of the subtitle motion and select the appropriate font for the translation.

2short ai

2short ai

2short AI offers a service that converts YouTube videos into short videos, following the same style as TikTok and Instagram videos, using powerful artificial intelligence capabilities. You can get the converted video in just a few seconds, as the system identifies the best timing for the clips based on audience interaction and viewing ratios in the original YouTube video. You can take advantage of this service for free.

Opus clip

Opus clip

It is indeed a fantastic website when used personally. This website features a free tool called ChatGPT, which provides exceptional performance. The site relies on the latest artificial intelligence technologies to identify the most interactive and viewed parts of YouTube videos. It then converts those videos into short clips, automatically trimming them without any intervention from you, resulting in an amazing collection of video clips.

Additionally, dynamic subtitles are added to the videos, enhancing their appeal and aligning them with social media platforms and short video formats on YouTube. Furthermore, the viewers' engagement ratio on YouTube is displayed alongside each video clip, along with tips on how to increase engagement in that particular clip, such as adding images, emojis, or large-sized text, and so on.

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