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In the past, photos were not colored, and all of them were black and white. This dates back to the 1980s or even earlier, where most of us have old family photos captured in black and white. You may want to colorize these photos to suit the modern age, with the emergence of advanced photo editing software like Photoshop. Experts alone used to be able to colorize old photos to a high degree.

Automatically color your old photos without AI Photoshop

Colorizing Old Photos Using Artificial Intelligence

However, if you don't have any of those skills, you don't have to worry because artificial intelligence through machine learning is here to help you. Through this modern technology, you can easily colorize any old photo automatically with just a single click in a matter of seconds. In this article, we will suggest two websites that can help you colorize old photos using artificial intelligence without Photoshop.

Automatically color your old photos without AI Photoshop

(Click on the name of the site to use the tool)

1. Image Colorization

The first website, Image Colorization, automatically colors old photos using artificial intelligence without the need for Photoshop. This website utilizes machine learning AI to rapidly colorize old photos by simply selecting them from your device or providing a URL link. Once you choose the image, it will be automatically colorized without any further intervention required.

DeepAI is a web platform that grants access to various artificial intelligence tools, including Google AI. One of the tools offered by DeepAI is the Colorizer, which can colorize black and white images. The Colorizer employs a machine learning model trained on a dataset of both colored and black and white images.
  • To use the Image Colorization website, click on the "Image" button to select a black and white image from your device or provide the URL link of the image online, ensuring it doesn't exceed 1200 pixels in size. 
  • Then, click on "Generate" to initiate the colorization process.
Image Colorization
  • Immediately after choosing the image will be quickly raised and colored.
  • After getting the result, click Download.
Image Colorization

Users can upload a black and white image to Colorizer, and the model will automatically generate a colored image. Users can also adjust the colors in the resulting image. Colorizer is a useful tool for adding life to black and white images.

2.Image Colorizer :

ImageColorizer is a free web-based tool that helps you colorize your black and white photos. The website uses artificial intelligence technology to create realistic and colorful images. You can upload your photos or simply drag and drop them onto the website. It only takes a few seconds to colorize the image. Afterward, you can download the colored image or share it online.

This website utilizes artificial intelligence technology to automatically and quickly colorize old photos without Photoshop or the need for creating an account. 
  • All you need to do is visit the Image Colorizer website, choose a black and white photo from your device, as long as its size doesn't exceed 3000 pixels and 5 megabytes. 
  • Then, click the "Start" button to begin the automatic coloring process.
Image Colorizer
After the previous step, click on "Download" with the right mouse button, then choose "Save link as" to save the colored image on your device automatically.
Image Colorizer
Here are some key features of ImageColorizer:
* Free
* Easy to use
* Fast
* Produces realistic colored images
* Supports a variety of file formats

If you are looking for a way to colorize your black and white photos, ImageColorizer is a great option. It's free, easy to use, and produces realistic colored images.
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