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Converting Images to Pixel Art

Due to the large pixel size and limited number of pixels on the screen, the screen resolution on computers used to be very low. However, over time, screen resolutions have increased, resulting in smaller pixel sizes and allowing for a much larger number of pixels to be displayed on the screen, achieving high-definition (HD) and even higher resolutions.

The interest in the old display style known as pixel art or PixelAart is still present. Even today, there are many modern games designed in pixel art style, as well as websites and programs designed with the old pixel display method.

Creating pixel art is not easy, as it requires skill and talent. However, we offer you an easy way to convert any image into pixel art with just a click of a button.

PixelMe - Convert Images to Pixel Art

PixelMe is a free online service that allows you to professionally convert images into pixel art with just a single click. Simply choose any image from your device, and the website will automatically convert it into pixel art in four different sizes.

What's great about this website is that you can also modify the image after converting it into pixel art. You can change the background color, adjust brightness and contrast, modify saturation and colors. Additionally, the website provides you with a copy of the image as a pattern, which is suitable for use as a background in various designs and projects.

Once you have finished editing the pixel art image, you can download it to your device in PNG format or share it online through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter.

Converting Images to Pixel Art Online Professionally:


  • Click on the link to the PixelMe website or download the dedicated app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Scroll down slightly on the page that opens in your browser.
  • Select an image from your device and wait for it to be converted into pixel art.


After that, you can resize the image:


Click the "Pro Mode" button to modify the image by changing the background color, adjusting brightness and contrast, modifying saturation and colors, to make the image more professional.


Once you have finished all the previous modifications, you can download the image to your device in PNG format or share it online through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter.


As mentioned earlier, you can also download the image as a pattern or background, with the ability to modify it. This was an article about converting images into pixel art for posting on social media platforms.

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