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AI and machine learning techniques, such as Machine Learning, can modify or create images from scratch in a realistic or hand-drawn style that appears to be made by a human artist. With popular tools like Midjourney, DALL·E 2 from Open AI, and others, individuals can create these types of images in a matter of minutes, and they will appear with such realistic quality that they seem to be the work of a human artist.

How to find out if images were created by artificial intelligence - here are these three tools to detect original and fake images
While using artificial intelligence to draw or manipulate images can be entertaining and professional, in some cases, especially those involving privacy, it may not be the optimal choice. The use of artificial intelligence may distort images of individuals, which could lead to legal issues. Therefore, these technologies should be handled with caution and responsibility to avoid legal and ethical problems.

In this article, we present a method to determine if an image has been created using artificial intelligence through the use of anti-detection artificial intelligence tools.

See if an image was created by AI

The technology known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is used in the production of images using artificial intelligence. Through verification tools that detect the use of GANs, we can ascertain whether the image was created using artificial intelligence or not. There are many of these tools available online, such as AI Art Detector, Optic AI or Not, and Illuminarty. These websites require uploading the image from your device to conduct a precise examination and provide the result.

1- AI Art Detector

AI Art Detector is a web tool that allows users to upload an image and determine whether it was created by a human or artificial intelligence. The website was developed by artists and AI engineers.

The site uses a machine learning model trained on a dataset of images created by humans and artificial intelligence. It also indicates the likelihood of whether the image was created by a human or AI.
AI Art Detector aims to be an educational and helpful tool for artists and researchers who want to learn more about distinguishing between art created by humans and artificial intelligence.

AI Art Detector
-To use the tool, simply visit the website, upload the image you want to detect, and click "Send." The detection results will be displayed within a few seconds, as shown in the image below.
AI Art Detector

2- Optic AI or Not

"AI or Not?" is a website that allows users to determine whether the images they create are real or artificial. The website relies on a model trained on a dataset of both real and artificial images. It also displays the probability of the image being real or artificial.

AI or Not? aims to be an educational tool for users who want to learn more about the technology behind creating artificial images. It is also a useful tool for artists who want to determine whether their artwork can be distinguished from artificial images.

-To use the tool, visit the website and drag the image you want to detect as real or fake, as shown in the screenshot above. The result will be displayed as shown in the image below.

The tool also has a bot on Telegram.

3- Illuminarty

This tool is similar to the first and second tools mentioned above and follows the same usage method. Illuminarty is a website designed to detect content created by artificial intelligence (AI). The website employs a set of algorithms to determine whether images, videos, or texts have been generated using artificial intelligence.

Illuminarty uses a variety of algorithms to detect content created by artificial intelligence. Some of these algorithms include:
* Analyzing images, videos, or text to identify specific features that indicate the content was created by artificial intelligence.
* Comparing the content to a database of known content created by artificial intelligence.
* Utilizing machine learning models to identify content created by artificial intelligence.

Illuminarty can be used by a diverse range of individuals, including:
* Journalists verifying the authenticity of images, videos, or texts.
* Companies needing to ensure their marketing content is not fraudulent.
* Researchers studying the impact of artificial intelligence on society.
Illuminarty provides a valuable tool for detecting content created by artificial intelligence. It can help protect people from misleading information and enhance transparency in how they interact with the internet.
Key features of Illuminarty include:
  • Detection of images, videos, and texts created by artificial intelligence.
  • Usage of diverse algorithms to identify content created by artificial intelligence.
  • Applicability for various users, including journalists, companies, and researchers.

Providing a valuable tool to detect content created by artificial intelligence, promoting protection from misleading information, and enhancing transparency in internet interactions.

4-Fake Profile Detector to Chrome browser."

Fake Profile Detector

Fake Profile Detector is a web browser extension that can detect fake social media accounts. The extension uses machine learning technology to analyze social media accounts and look for signs that they are fake. These signs may include using an unusual username, having a low number of followers, and posting strange content.

If the extension identifies a fake account, it displays a warning to the user. The warning includes information on how to report the fake account to the platform it was created on. Fake Profile Detector is available for web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

This is a crucial online tool for detecting whether images are genuine or fake, created using artificial intelligence.

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