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Having Trouble with Your IPHONE Charging Port? iPhone Not Charging or Turning On? Here's the Solution

Is your iPhone's charging port malfunctioning? While many assume that a replacement is necessary, that's not always the case. Sometimes, the issue might stem from simple reasons that don't demand professional repairs.


Charging may seem straightforward, but it involves multiple components, not just the charging port. Any malfunction in the components and mechanisms can lead to an iPhone that refuses to charge. So, what steps should you take when your plugged-in iPhone isn't charging?

Before heading to a service center, there are certain actions you can take, and this guide will walk you through all of them.

Why Doesn't the iPhone Charge Beyond 80%?

To start with, you must determine if your iPhone is reaching 80% charge and then halting the charging process. If this is the case, it's probably because of a feature Apple introduced in iOS 13 known as Optimized Battery Charging. This feature prevents the iPhone from charging when certain conditions are not ideal.

Why Doesn't the iPhone Charge Beyond 80%?
iPhone Optmized Battery Charging

For example, if the battery temperature rises significantly while charging, the iPhone will halt the charging process automatically. As advised by Apple, if your iPhone is not charging, it's recommended to relocate it to a cooler environment. Once the battery temperature decreases, the phone will resume charging.

iPhone Not Charging or Turning On? Here’s What to Do

Experiencing difficulties with your iPhone not charging or turning on? Follow these steps to troubleshoot and diagnose potential issues with your charging port.

How to Address iPhone Charging Issues:

1. Restart the iPhone:

When faced with any iPhone-related problem, your initial step should be to restart the device. This also applies when your iPhone's charging port isn't functioning properly. A restart can often resolve software glitches that might be causing charging issues. However, if your iPhone is completely drained or at 0%, this might not be effective.

2. Inspect the Charging Port:

If restarting doesn't help, closely examine the charging port of your iPhone. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the port, obstructing the cable's connection to the pins. If you have a can of compressed air, you can briefly blow air into the charging port to dislodge any loose debris and clear the way for proper connectivity.

Inspect the Charging Port of Your iPhone
Inspect the Charging Port of Your iPhone

Next, utilize a soft and dry brush to remove any debris from the iPhone's charging port. If a brush isn't accessible, you can use a toothpick to gently clear the port. Avoid using any metallic pointed objects during this process. Once you've cleaned the charging port, reconnect your iPhone to a charger and observe if it's charging properly.

3. Examine the Cable When Your iPhone Charging Port Is Malfunctioning

Have you been using the same iPhone charging cable for an extended period? If so, it's possible that the cable has suffered wear and tear, leading to damage or fraying. In cases like these, the charging cable might fail to effectively charge your iPhone. Instead of solely focusing on the charging port, consider replacing the cable if you notice visible signs of wear and damage on your current cable.

Check the Cable When Your iPhone Charging Port Is Not Working
Frayed iPhone Charging Cable

4. Check the Functionality of the Charging Brick

Occasionally, the problem affecting your iPhone's charging port may not stem from the cable itself. It's possible that the issue lies with the charging brick. Although it's not common, charging bricks can become faulty over time. To verify this, disconnect the charging cable from the brick and connect it to a different charging brick.

See Whether the Charging Brick Is Good?? 😊

If you're without an additional charging brick to perform a test, you can simply connect the charging cable to your laptop. If your phone starts charging, this suggests that you might require a new charging brick.

5. Check for Software Updates If Your iPhone's Charging Port Isn't Functioning

Another step to consider is checking for software updates when facing issues with your iPhone charging port. Surprisingly, the problem could be related to not having the latest iOS version installed. Software updates play a crucial role in maintaining the proper functioning of your phone, so ensure that your iPhone is running the most up-to-date iOS version.
To verify if there are any software updates for your iPhone, access Settings, tap on General, select Software Update, and initiate a search for updates. If an update is accessible for your iPhone, proceed to download and install it. After installing the update, observe whether the phone is charging.

6. Test the Wireless Charging Feature:

If you've followed the aforementioned steps and the iPhone still doesn't charge, it's advisable to determine if the wireless charging feature is functional. Place your phone on a compatible wireless charging station connected to a power source to check if it charges wirelessly.

See If the Wireless Charging Function Is Working
See If the Wireless Charging Function Is Working

If wireless charging isn't effective in charging your iPhone, it's possible that there's a malfunction with the charging board, necessitating a repair.

7. Attempt to perform a reset on your iPhone if the charging port is malfunctioning.

Another option to consider when the charging port of your iPhone is not functioning is to attempt a factory reset. This action restores your phone to its default settings, potentially resolving any issues that were causing the problem. Resorting to a factory reset is a final step to try and rectify the non-functional iPhone charging port. If this step proves unsuccessful, it's advisable to have your phone examined at a service center.

This was a detailed article about solutions and experiences regarding the iPhone not charging issue. I hope you find it beneficial.
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