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How to determine if you're being tracked or spied on using an AirTag on Android devices

Android devices are not equipped to automatically detect the presence of an AirTag nearby, which leaves room for potential misuse. Exploiting this gap, someone could strategically place an AirTag to monitor your movements without your awareness. This situation raises concerns about privacy.

How to know if you are being tracked and spied on using AirTag in Android phone 

The remedy to this situation lies in the form of a dedicated application. We'll guide you through the process of determining if you're being tracked using an AirTag with an Android device.

What is Apple's AirTags?

Apple's AirTags are part of a tracking network exclusive to the company. As a result, Android's compatibility with AirTags is limited, aside from reading their content via NFC. This creates a genuine privacy concern since, without an iPhone, you might not even realize if someone is attempting to track your activities.

Use Apple Tracker Detector 

Apple has an official app on Android devices that helps you locate trackers, such as nearby AirTags that have been separated from their owners. The name of the app is "Apple Tracker Detector," and it's available on the Google Play Store.

According to the description, the benefit of this application is to "find objects that have been separated from the person to which they belong and that are compatible with the Apple search network". In addition, the company explains that this tool is compatible with AirTags and other devices integrated into the Apple search network.

And what is the goal?

Apple makes it very clear: "If you think someone is using an AirTag or other object to locate you, you can look up to find out."
Running the Apple Tracker Detector app is very simple:
- Open the app.
- Click the Scan button.
- Wait for the process to finish.
- Check the list of AirTag or nearby compatible devices.
Use Apple Tracker Detector
It's important to remember that if you see certain devices on the list, it doesn't necessarily indicate that they are tracking you. Some of those devices might belong to people who have inadvertently lost an AirTag, causing it to be nearby.

To identify nearby devices, the Apple app utilizes your mobile phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Moreover, the app provides the functionality to trigger a sound from the AirTag to assist in locating it. Regrettably, the app doesn't operate in the background.

Use AirGuard App

How to determine if you're being tracked or spied on using an AirTag on Android devices

If you're looking for background notifications, AirGuard is an excellent alternative worth considering. This application is designed to provide continuous scanning for nearby trackers. Its functionality mirrors that of Apple's app. By utilizing Bluetooth, AirGuard identifies AirTags and other devices within the Search Network. Additionally, it offers audio playback capabilities, similar to AirTag.

To prevent any confusion, the app keeps track of detected devices and their precise discovery locations. In case the same tracker is detected three times across various places, the app will notify you. This feature helps eliminate scenarios where the AirTag might be affixed to a lost item or in the possession of someone in your vicinity, like a neighbor.

You can download the application via irGuard or Google play

All information obtained by the application is processed locally and no external servers are used. So the privacy of this app is guaranteed. Undoubtedly, a more complete solution than the Apple app itself.

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