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ChatGPT add-ons help you improve your health and fitness

Several ChatGPT add-ons have been developed to enhance health and fitness. Whether you intend to alter your dietary habits for weight gain or loss, plan to engage in regular exercise to improve your physical fitness, or aim to track your daily water intake, these robotic ChatGPT assistants provide robust support in achieving your goals.

AI-powered tools aid you in improving health and fitness.

Here's a list of four notable ChatGPT add-ons that assist you in enhancing your health and fitness:

1. Planfit

For a personalized workout schedule tailored to your specific needs, the Planfit add-on is at your service. Leveraging artificial intelligence techniques, this add-on generates a workout plan designed specifically for you based on personal information such as age, gender, height, weight, and fitness goals. Planfit allows you to precisely customize your exercises to ensure effective goal attainment.
ChatGPT add-ons help you improve your health and fitness

2. Workout Generator 

The "Workout Generator" is a ChatGPT add-on affiliated with the Lyfta app that aims to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. This add-on creates a customized workout schedule tailored to your needs and fitness goals. To utilize it, simply provide a description of your body type, gender, age, and the goal you aim to achieve. Using the information you've provided, this add-on generates a personalized workout plan that includes exercises suitable for your fitness goal. 
The provided information will be concise and easy to understand. Additionally, it offers links to instructional video clips for each exercise, along with illustrative diagrams to help you understand the proper and safe execution of each exercise. This add-on aims to streamline your experience in engaging in physical exercises and achieving your fitness goals effectively and conveniently.

3. Calorie Coach 

If you're concerned about your daily calorie consumption, the "Calorie Coach" add-on available on the Shimmer platform can be a valuable aid in managing your food intake. This add-on acts as a virtual nutrition coach, asking questions about your meals. Simply input all the ingredients you've consumed, and you'll receive a comprehensive summary detailing the calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you've taken in. Additionally, you'll receive a graph that visually presents this information in an easily understandable format.
ChatGPT add-ons help you improve your health and fitness

4. Water Tracker

Maintaining your body's health partly relies on the amount of water you consume daily. To ensure you meet your body's water requirements, you can make use of the Water Tracker application available on the Fitbox platform. This helpful add-on assists you in monitoring your daily water intake, especially if you feel you're not drinking enough water. To maximize the benefits of this add-on, simply input details about the beverages and water you consume throughout the day. Afterward, the app prompts you to link your Google account to enable it to track your daily water intake.
ChatGPT add-ons help you improve your health and fitness
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