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Google AdSense Ad Serving Fix Guide 2022  This one

Ad Display Restrictions: Google AdSense has introduced a new policy aimed at regulating ad displays on websites that primarily rely on traffic from social media pages or pop-up ads that don't provide value to advertisers. As a result of this policy update, the display of Google AdMob ads within your application may have been restricted.

Enrollment letters reached many accounts, and this greatly affected many account holders, especially on sites that are a major source of income.

While researching this issue, there hasn't been an official or definitive solution discussed to address the ad display restrictions in AdSense. However, Google advises website owners to focus on creating valuable content for visitors, benefitting both the site's audience and the site owner".

The primary issues discussed in the Google AdSense help forum include:

Ads restriction issue Ads access is restricted Resolved ad restricted issue Concerns about invalid traffic The number of ads you can display has been temporarily restricted.

The number of ads you can display has been restricted. To see the details, go to the Policy center Resolve a problem The number of ads you can show is limited AdSense ads are restricted.

Reasons for restricting ad display

The rationales behind limiting ad displays include:
1. Purchasing fake website traffic.
2. Extensively sharing links within Facebook groups and depending on them to generate traffic.
3. Employing URL shortening for images and videos to redirect visitors to your site.
4. Insufficient content on the website.
5. Inappropriate site aesthetics.
6. Displaying contrasting or conflicting content.
7. Unauthorized visits – Caution against such visits is warranted.

Reason for Restricting Adsense Ads

Google AdSense has provided clarification regarding the imposition of restrictions on certain websites. In many cases, these restrictions are temporary, and subsequently, ads are reinstated on the affected sites. The restrictions are a result of monitoring and scrutinizing the legitimacy of the traffic received by these websites, including their pages and articles. If fake visitors or visits from a single source are detected, which do not benefit advertisers, it can lead to ad restrictions.

To address this issue, it is advisable to make changes to the website and diversify traffic sources. Prioritizing organic visits from Google's search engine is recommended, rather than solely relying on traffic from social media pages, groups, or advertisements.

Solve the restriction problem

To resolve the issue of ad restrictions and restore the display of AdSense ads on your website while eliminating the bothersome message, the solution is to enhance your website significantly to attract visitors primarily through organic Google search engine.
To address these issues, consider the following solutions:

1. Quality Traffic from Search Engines: Focus on attracting genuine traffic through search engines like Google, rather than resorting to artificial methods like purchasing fake visitors or relying on Facebook groups solely for ad clicks.

2. Optimize Your Website: Ensure your website is well-optimized for search engines to attract organic visitors not only from Google but also from other search engines.

3. Diversify Traffic Sources: While Google search is crucial, consider diversifying your traffic sources. Engage with social media pages to complement your organic search traffic.

By implementing these solutions, you can improve the quality of your website's traffic and reduce the risk of ad restrictions.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then go to the website again.
  • Enable JavaScript and disable all personal firewalls or ad blockers you have already installed because ad blockers prevent Google ads from showing.
Next, visit the dedicated page to resolve your AdSense ad display issue from here.
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