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Apps you should download on your phone to relax and reduce stress while traveling

Narrow seats, crowded flights, and unexpected health disruptions can lead travelers aboard the plane to feel fatigue, stress, and pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to look for tools or applications that help alleviate the severity of these issues. With the advancement of technology, there are many apps designed to meet the needs of travelers and enhance their experience while traveling by plane.
Apps to help you relax and de-stress while traveling

Apps you should download to your phone that contribute to relaxation and stress relief while traveling

If you are planning to travel soon, let us know about some apps that help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety during your trip, including:

1.  Oak – Meditation & Breathing:

If you experience stress while traveling by plane, using regular breathing or listening to soothing music can help you release this stress. The "Oak - Meditation & Breathing" app offers simple breathing exercises that can be easily performed while traveling.
Oak – Meditation & Breathing
This simple app includes multiple breathing sessions that can be customized to your needs during your flight to help relax and reduce stress and anxiety. You can set the duration of these sessions and choose background sounds and start alerts

Oak - Meditation and Breathing download link;

  • The Oak - Meditation & Breathing app is available for free to iPhone users via the App Store with the option to subscribe within the app via this link.
  • An application similar to Oak - Meditation & Breathing is available for free for Android users via the Google Play Store via this link.

2. SimpliFly:

If you feel anxious while traveling by plane, there are helpful apps designed to help reduce that anxiety, including SimpliFly. This app provides educational materials about air travel and aviation in general.

SimpliFly offers a variety of videos and audios explaining why it's safe to travel by plane, while offering reminders that hundreds of thousands of people travel safely by plane daily.

SimpliFly download link;

  • iPhone users can find the SimpliFly app in the Apple Store via this link.
  • And for Android users in the Google Play Store for free, with the ability to subscribe within the app via this link.

3.  Barnes & Noble NOOK:

Listening to audiobooks and watching documentaries can help you relax and reduce stress while traveling by plane. There are many apps that offer a variety of audiobooks to listen to during your upcoming journey.

Among these apps, there is the Barnes & Noble NOOK app that provides a wide library of audiobooks and eBooks for enjoying digital content. This app features over four million eBooks, graphic novels, magazines, and more than 300,000 audiobooks, offering a rich and engaging experience for reading and listening.

Download Barnes & Noble NOOK app

  • The Barnes & Noble NOOK app is available for iPhone users on the App Store at this link,
  •  and for Android users on Google Play Store for free, with the option to subscribe within the app through this link.

4. Sleepiest: Sleep Meditations:

Sleeping during flights is considered one of the best ways to overcome stress and anxiety in an airplane. The "Sleepiest" app offers more than 440 quiet sleep stories and relaxing sounds that help you relax and sleep better. Even if you are not able to sleep during the flight, this app will help you relieve stress and anxiety.

In the library section, you will find a variety of soothing audio clips and stories. You can also filter the stories by narrator if you prefer a specific voice that helps you relax more. The library also includes calming music and natural sounds.

In the creation screen, you can blend over 90 different sounds available in the app to create a customized audio experience for yourself. You can enjoy experimenting with mixing various sounds like rain and animal noises to create a unique audio experience. For example, you can try blending ocean sounds with bird noises.

Download Link for Sleepiest: Sleep Meditations

The "Sleepiest: Sleep Meditations" app is available for iPhone users on the Apple App Store for free with an in-app subscription option.

These are the top 4 apps we hope you can benefit from during your travels and reduce travel-related anxieties. Have a safe journey!
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