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In every era, certain technologies garner significant attention, only to see that interest wane over time. In the early days of the internet, there was considerable enthusiasm for purchasing dot-com domains. However, as the internet evolved, this became accessible to everyone, and the enthusiasm for such domains diminished.
Unstoppable Domains | Blockchain Domain What areas do not

Learn about the crypto, blockchain, and unstoppable domain (.eth, .coin) spaces

Now, with the booming cryptocurrency market, it resembles the early days of the internet, where everyone is racing to acquire crypto-related domains like .eth and nft. Yet, this domain differs from dot-com domains, as it holds greater potential in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

What are the unstoppable domains?

Unstoppable Domains, also known as crypto domains, are encrypted domains built on blockchain technology. They have the unique feature of permanent ownership, making them untrackable and unstoppable. Additionally, they allow linking to one or more cryptocurrency wallets.

Benefits of Unstoppable Domains:

  • Permanent Ownership: No annual renewal fees or the like.
  • Untraceable: Protected by blockchain technology.
  • Uncensorable: Cannot be restricted by any individual or organization.
  • Link Multiple Wallets: You can link any number of cryptocurrency wallets to your domain.
Example of How to Benefit from Unstoppable Domains:
Let's assume you have an Unstoppable Domain in your name, such as "borsippa.crypto" With this domain, you can link it to your cryptocurrency wallet, whether it's for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or over 70 other cryptocurrencies.

If you have a friend using a Coinbase wallet, they can easily send cryptocurrencies to you by entering your domain instead of your long crypto wallet address. The cryptocurrencies will automatically arrive in your wallet, without worrying about the type of currency sent, all without No tracking, limit or fees .

What do fields that cannot be stopped, such as crypto and cryptocurrencies, offer us?

  1. You own your domain for life.
  2. Your domain becomes your wallet, allowing anyone to send you funds without fees or the need for a lengthy wallet address.
  3. You can link your domain to a page containing your personal information, blog, or any other content.
  4. It provides the ability to verify your identity or X - Twitter account by officially linking the domain, confirming its association.
  5. This domain is built on blockchain technology, making it decentralized and beyond the control of companies or governments, thus preventing tracking.
What do fields that cannot be stopped, such as crypto and cryptocurrencies, offer us?
Twitter authentication in unstoppable domains

How to Buy Unstoppable Domain, Blockchain Domain

  • To purchase an Unstoppable Domain or an unstoppable domain, you can follow these steps:
  • Visit the following website: unstoppabledomains.com.
  • Link your account to a two-factor authentication app like Authy or Google Authenticator to enhance the security of your account.
How to Buy Unstoppable Domain, Blockchain Domain
  • Search for the domain you want to buy according to the length and importance of the domain. Pricing for regular domains is usually between $40 for registration and $80 for life.
  • After choosing the domain you want, register it by paying the registration fee, which is usually $40 for life.
  • Choose the domain you want.
  • You will also need to specify your wallet addresses depending on the currency you choose for the domain. You can get these addresses from your crypto wallet like Coinbase or Binance.
  • Once you've entered your wallet addresses, click the "Save" button. In some cases, you may be asked to verify or approve the transaction from your wallet at the same time.
  • After completing these steps, the domain will be ready to receive funds.
You can also create a page with information or a light blog on your website under the crypto extension. There might be additional steps or details related to financial transactions and domain security, so it's always advisable to carefully read and follow the guidelines provided on the website.

How to access websites or pages with a .crypto extension and other Unstoppable Domains:

To do this, you need to install an extension for your browser, whether it's Chrome or Firefox, by visiting the website:unstoppabledomains.com/extension.

If you're using the Opera browser, you can find it here: opera.com , For applications that support unstoppable domains, you can find a detailed list on the Unstoppable Domains website at the following link: unstoppabledomains.com/apps

Privacy Prevention and Tracktion Tip:

If you want to make your site with a crypto extension invisible and difficult to track, you need to be careful and don't use a domain that indicates your identity. It is also preferable not to use PayPal in purchases and not to reveal your main wallet address, but rather to use a secondary address. If you receive anything, you can transfer it to the main wallet. That information you have provided is minimal privacy, and there are more professional but not appropriate means to refer to it here.

What is Blockchain Technology?

{A public database that stores digital currency transactions} Blockchain technology, both scientifically and technically, is the product of a global revolution in the field of distributed computing. Simply put, blockchain technology is considered the digital ledger where transactions are documented.

Today, this technology allows anyone worldwide to download the code and start mining for Bitcoin or participate in new network innovations , Its main idea lies in complete transparency. Blockchain records are created by involving vast portions of the public in the network, building fundamental trust by making it difficult to record fraudulent transactions or alter transactions that have already been processed.

Blockchain technology, often referred to as blockchain, finds application in diverse scenarios. It supports the adoption of renewable energy sources within energy networks and expands beyond its initial role in cryptocurrencies.

Consequently, it facilitates a reduction in global maritime industry emissions and streamlines faster, cost-effective transactions for banks.

The paramount benefit of blockchain technology lies in its immutable nature, preventing any alteration or deletion of transactions once they are recorded. This characteristic establishes a foundation of security and reliability for transaction recording.
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