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What is VoWiFi, how to check if your phone supports it, and how to activate it for free calling when you have no phone coverage?

VoWiFi is an amazing technology that allows you to make free calls when you have no mobile phone coverage. If your phone supports it, make sure to activate it to enjoy this feature. It's worth noting that voice communication methods have evolved over time, and in recent years, several alternatives have emerged for making online calls without relying on your cellular network. We will also explain the differences between these concepts. What is VoWiFi, how to determine if your phone supports it, and how to activate it for free calling when you have no phone coverage.
What is VoWiFi, how do you know if your phone supports it and how to activate it to call for free when you don't have phone coverage

What is VoWiFi: Free Calls Over Wi-Fi Network

VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) is a technology that allows you to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of the SIM-based mobile phone network. This means you can make free calls when you don't have mobile phone coverage, such as at home, work, or any other location where you have a Wi-Fi connection.

All you need is a phone compatible with this technology and a Wi-Fi network connection. This technology is especially useful in areas lacking mobile network coverage but with Wi-Fi internet service available.

This technology offers great advantages, including saving on roaming and additional costs that may arise from traditional international calls. To benefit from it, you only need to meet three basic requirements.

First, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network through your mobile phone. Additionally, your phone must be compatible with this technology, and your service provider must allow you to use it. It's worth noting that most telecommunications companies currently offer this service.

The beauty of this is that these requirements apply only to the caller, and the person receiving the call does not need to have a VoWiFi-compatible phone or be connected to Wi-Fi. They just need a device that supports 4G or 5G technology and an updated operating system to receive calls over the network.

By using this technology, you can make calls using your phone number over Wi-Fi and send text messages easily. The great thing is that you'll use the same call interface and phone app without the need to install any additional applications.

How VoWiFi Differs from VoIP or VoLTE

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are some terms that can cause confusion. The first concept you should understand is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In essence, it's similar to making calls over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), although there are some differences you should be aware of.

The main difference is how the internet is used to make calls. You can use VoIP services regardless of your connection status, whether you're using mobile data or Wi-Fi. On the other hand, VoWiFi assumes you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You can think of VoWiFi as an evolution of VoIP, another type of online communication, much like VoLTE. VoLTE is very similar to VoWiFi, relying on the phone carrier's data connection rather than Wi-Fi, and it retains the phone number and call interface.

However, even though VoWiFi and VoLTE aim to achieve the same goal, they differ in the type of internet connection they rely on. In addition, VoIP technology can be used for other purposes as well, not just simulating traditional calls; it can be used for communication via apps like Skype or WhatsApp among users who use it. This enables voice communication regardless of your Wi-Fi connection. In contrast, with VoWiFi, both the sender and receiver must use the same app for the call, and it won't be made through the same number or the usual call interface but directly through the app itself.

How to check if your phone supports it?

To find out if your phone supports it, search for "VoWiFi" in your phone's settings. If you find an option labeled "VoWiFi," "Wi-Fi Calling," or "Wi-Fi Calls," it means your phone supports it.

How to activate VoWiFi:

To activate VoWiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app on your device or go directly to the Phone app and look for VoWiFi.
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" menu.
  3. Choose "Wi-Fi Calling." If you don't find this option, it may be due to your mobile carrier not supporting this feature or your phone not supporting it.
Activate VoWiFi on Samsung phones
Activate VoWiFi on Samsung phones

Advantages of VoWiFi:

1. Free calls when you have no mobile phone coverage.
2. Better audio quality compared to mobile network calls.
3. No need to use mobile data.

Disadvantages of VoWiFi:

1. May not be available in all areas.
2. May not work with all phones.

You can benefit from making calls over a Wi-Fi network without relying on cellular service provided by some telecommunications companies. And if the Wi-Fi calling option is not available with your mobile network operator, you can easily resort to using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for voice calls.
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