The Best Smartphone Apps to Help Students with Homework and University Assignments for Android and iPhone

The best smartphone applications to help students solve school and university assignments for Android and iPhone

 Homework is an integral part of the learning process, aiding students in solidifying the information learned in school and developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With technological advancements, numerous applications have emerged to simplify homework completion, some providing detailed explanations of solutions.

Smart Apps Facilitating Homework Completion

Brainly App:

This app assists students in solving homework across various subjects such as math, biology, history, and physics. Its user-friendly interface allows students to capture a picture of a math problem, type a question, or even use voice input for inquiries. Answers come from the online Brainly community, comprising students and experts worldwide. Additionally, students can support peers by answering their homework queries.

Brainly is available for iPhone users on the App Store and Android users on Google Play for free, with in-app subscription options.

Chegg Study App:

Chegg Study is a user-friendly app that aids in homework completion across a wide range of subjects. Whether it's math or science, students can submit questions in writing or through photos and receive instant answers. The app also features free educational flashcards covering diverse topics such as astronomy, chemistry, and psychology. Creating custom flashcards is also easily achievable within the app.

Chegg Study can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store for iPhone users and  Android Google Play for free, with in-app subscription options.

Photomath App:

Photomath stands out as one of the best apps for tackling math equations. Simply take a photo of the problem using your phone's camera, and the app provides an instant solution along with a step-by-step analysis. The app also includes a built-in calculator, allowing users to type questions instead of capturing images.

Photomath is available for iPhone users on the App Store and Android users on Google Play  for free, with in-app subscription options.

Bartley App:

Bartley app offers a unique opportunity to simplify your academic life, especially in the field of mathematics. It allows you to effortlessly tackle homework assignments and poses questions to experienced math teachers. Select the topic, formulate your question, and even attach an image if necessary.

After submitting your question, await prompt assistance from a specialized teacher. Don't forget to utilize the app's built-in search tool, making it easy to find topics that require additional understanding.

Bartley app is available for free on the Apple Store for iPhone users and Google for Android users, with optional in-app subscriptions.

Course Hero App:

Course Hero app excels in ease of use, enabling you to ask questions or capture images of inquiries in areas such as physics, biology, psychology, and computer science. If you need support in math tasks, you can benefit from the dedicated scanning tool.

In the context of the Course Hero app, you can keep all your school files and educational materials, making them accessible during your study period.

It's worth noting that the Course Hero app is available for free on the For iPhone users via the App Store and Android via Google Play Store, with in-app subscription options.

These smart apps serve as valuable tools for students, aiding them in completing homework with ease and speed while providing detailed explanations of solutions.

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