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Four features the #iPhone15 stole from #Android  What's old has become "new" with the iPhone 15. 🥳
The iPhone 15 has adopted four features from Android, turning the once "old" into something "new." Follow with me...

4 features the Apple stole from Android

1. USB-C:

Introduced as a groundbreaking technology, Apple highlighted its significance at a conference, generating considerable media attention. Interestingly, the long-awaited shift from the Lightning port has occurred, now featured in all four models of the iPhone 15.
The transition was prompted by the European Parliament's directive last year, mandating USB-C compatibility in all smartphones by December 28, 2024. Rather than delaying until the iPhone 16, Apple chose to implement this change in the current release.
The first USB-C phone ..Le 1 and Le Max 1 (2015)
Notably, there are limitations, with even the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models utilizing USB3 with 10Gbps transfer speeds. While an improvement over the 480 Mbps speeds of the Lightning cable, it falls short of the 20 Gbps speeds achievable with the Galaxy S23.

2.Periscope Camera :

2...Periscope Camera - Huawei P30 Pro (2019)
Periscope Camera - Huawei P30 Pro (2019)

The latest addition eagerly awaited by iPhone users is the enhanced periscope telephoto lens, now featured in the "new" camera of the iPhone15ProMax. While not as longstanding on Android devices as USB-C, its origins trace back to the HuaweiP30Pro in 2019.

Apple's implementation brings a notable advancement with 5x optical zoom, surpassing the 3x telephoto zoom in previous iPhone models and aligning with the capabilities of the latest Google PIXEL7Pro.

However, it falls short of the GalaxyS23Ultra, which boasts an impressive 10x optical zoom, in line with the ongoing trend.

3.3D Video Recording - Spatial video

3...3D Video Recording- HTC EVO 3D (2017)
3D Video Recording- HTC EVO 3D (2017)

In 2017, HTC explored various approaches to engage users and enhance the smartphone camera experience. One such endeavor was the #HTCEVO3D, enabling users to capture 3D content and view it directly on their phones.

In anticipation of the Vision Pro headset launch, Apple has introduced Spatial Recording on the iPhone15Pro٫Max. 
Spatial video
Spatial video iPhone 15

Apple claims this feature enables users to "capture precious moments in three dimensions and relive those memories with incredible depth on AppleVisionPro."

It's worth noting that this functionality is currently accessible on a wide range of Android devices.

4.Titanium frame

The titanium inclusion that Apple's printers brought to our attention isn't groundbreaking, having been introduced by the Essential Phone in 2017. EssentialPhone pioneered some "industry-firsts," including the notch cutout for the selfie camera and the use of ceramic for the back plate.

Titanium frame - Essential Phone (2017)

4...Titanium frame - Essential Phone (2017)
In addition to USB-C, the periscope telephoto camera, and 3D video recording, Apple incorporated another feature from previous Android phones as its "One More Thing." Arguably, the second most significant change is the adoption of a "grade 5 titanium" casing.
Apple stole from Android
Although not explicitly highlighted during the announcement, it's worth noting that Apple utilizes titanium only for the frame, while the back is still made of glass. This design choice, once unique, has become commonplace across various companies nowadays.

This is just one aspect of a series discussing Apple's adoption of features pioneered by Android. Stay tuned for more updates.
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