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5 tools to summarize PDF documents with AI
PDF documents are considered a primary means in various fields, where summarizing lengthy documents has become a crucial necessity to save time, effort, and expedite workflow. Several artificial intelligence tools have been developed specifically to facilitate this task and enhance the efficiency of using PDF documents.

These tools provide quick and accurate summaries for various documents, making them ideal for professionals in academic research, professional analysis, as well as students dealing with comprehensive PDF documents. Whether you need to review work documents or extract key information, you can rely on intelligent summarization tools that leverage artificial intelligence techniques.

Top AI tools for summarizing PDF documents 

Below, we will review some of the most prominent artificial intelligence tools dedicated to summarizing PDF documents, to facilitate the process of extracting key ideas and information efficiently.

Quillbot Summarizer:

Quillbot Summarizer
The Quillbot Summarizer tool is innovative in utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to efficiently summarize lengthy PDF documents, transforming them into concise texts containing key points with high precision and speed.

This tool stands out for its ability to extract all essential details without distorting the original context, making it highly reliable when precise summaries are needed. Its effectiveness lies in facilitating the understanding of key points in lengthy documents quickly, without the need to read the entire document.

Quillbot provides two modes for document summarization: the paragraph mode for consolidating complex paragraphs into understandable sentences, and the sentence mode for summarizing sentences into key points. In essence, Quillbot Summarizer is a valuable tool for those requiring a quick and effective analysis of lengthy document content.


AskYourPDF tool:
The AskYourPDF tool stands out with its exceptional ability to efficiently summarize PDF documents. This tool relies on advanced algorithms to extract key points from lengthy documents and convert them into concise summaries. Using this tool is particularly beneficial for students dealing with complex documents as it helps them better understand educational materials.

The tool features a user-friendly interface, allowing easy addition of PDF documents through drag-and-drop. It also boasts an interactive summarization feature, enabling users to ask questions about the document content and receive brief answers.

AskYourPDF is not limited to supporting only PDF documents; it also supports various formats such as TXT, EPUB, RTF, CSV, PPTX, and more. Additionally, this tool offers multi-language support and can be accessed through a dedicated Chrome browser extension, allowing users to utilize it for document summarization while browsing the internet.


The Humata artificial intelligence tool relies on analyzing the content of PDF documents, providing concise and easily understandable summaries. This tool excels in quickly analyzing documents and extracting key information with high precision, making it suitable for professional and academic needs.

Humata boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing users to effortlessly add PDF files through drag-and-drop. In addition to summarizing documents, the tool enables users to ask interactive questions about the information in the document and receive concise answers.

As an additional benefit, Humata can export summaries in various formats, allowing users to review and edit them easily at any time.

Scholarcy is an advanced tool that relies on artificial intelligence to summarize documents, designed specifically for academic papers and research papers. The tool offers seven different summarization styles, allowing users to choose the approach that suits their needs, whether providing a summary with only key points or an expanded summary with additional details.

Notably, this tool excels in quickly analyzing texts, focusing on extracting all key points with high accuracy. Scholarcy serves as a valuable resource for students and researchers, enabling them to create effective summaries for lengthy studies and scientific articles. Additionally, it facilitates easy access to the sources and references cited in the original document, making it an indispensable tool in the field of scientific research.


The IntelliPPT tool converts lengthy PDF documents into concise texts that include all essential paragraphs and key information. This tool relies on smart technologies to analyze document content, providing it with the capability to analyze sentences with high precision. It delivers a summary that fully captures the context of the original document.

This tool excels in summarizing various types of non-editable documents, including email messages. One of IntelliPPT's standout features is the ability to adjust the length of the summary, allowing users full control over the level of detail they want to include.

Moreover, IntelliPPT enables the conversion of PDF files into PowerPoint presentations (PPT format), facilitating the creation of effective presentations using abundant content from lengthy documents.

These are the top 5 summarization tools for PDF files that you can use via your browser to enhance your daily workflow.
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