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F-Secure is a tool that checks if a received message is safe using this AI before you open any message or link

Check if the received message is safe with this AI

If you ever receive a suspicious message through your mobile phone, SMS, or even email, it might bear the name of the bank you are dealing with. Often, these messages carry a security warning or alert about an account error that requires immediate action. We offer you an extremely useful online page where, thanks to artificial intelligence, you can check the severity of the received message.

Identifying Fake Messages Using AI

Before opening any message or clicking on a link, it is recommended to verify the message's integrity using this artificial intelligence. Messages may be targeted for phishing attacks, where attackers aim to steal passwords and jeopardize your personal data. Avoid falling into this trap by recognizing attacks promptly and avoiding clicking on links or downloading attachments, protecting you from potential issues like money theft or personal data exposure.

In this article, we introduce an online tool from F-Secure, a Finnish company specializing in cybersecurity, providing multiple options for system and device protection. This free online service is user-friendly and highly effective. The idea behind this tool is to enable you to input any message you receive to verify whether it is trustworthy or not.

How to Use the Fake Message Detection Tool Using F-Secure's AI

1. Open the F-Secure tool via your browser.
2. You'll find two fields to fill in, one to enter the sender's name, number, or mail, and the second to enter the message you received. 
Identifying Fake Messages Using AI

The site analyzes the information to check if there are potential scams behind those messages. If anything unusual is detected, it will provide a warning to alert you and avoid error.

In most computer attacks, hackers ask us to reveal something specific about us. This request may vary depending on the type of attack, as it can range from providing certain personal data to downloading and installing a fraudulent application. You should be prepared to analyze the situation, as there may be a possibility of a scam behind the message. Therefore, caution and understanding the context are key.
If you receive a message and feel doubtful about its integrity, it is highly recommended to use F-Secure online tool. You can always check if the link is safe before opening it. The goal is to maintain safety at all times and avoid making mistakes.
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