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In the era of modern information technology, the computer is an essential part of our daily lives. While laptops usually come equipped with microphones, desktop computer users may face a challenge when in need of a microphone. The built-in laptop microphone may have low quality, making improving recording quality a challenge. This is where the smart and economical solution comes into play, allowing any user to experience it.
Using the phone's microphone for the computer

Using your phone as a microphone on your computer: A free and effective method 

If you don't have an external microphone, you can easily replace it with your smartphone as a free and effective alternative. All you need to do is download free software on your phone and computer, no matter what operating system you're using, whether Android or iPhone. After that, you can connect the two devices either wirelessly or via a USB cable.

WO Mic is a program to use the phone's microphone to the computer 

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to a completely free program called WO Mic, specifically designed to allow you to use your phone as a microphone for your computer through four different methods. The program is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11, and even Linux, in addition to Android and iPhone devices. With this software, you can easily utilize your phone's microphone on the computer through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB cable, or Wi-Fi Direct.

How to use WO Mic :

  1. Visit the official WO Mic website to download the computer version.
  2. After downloading the WO Mic program file, install it on your computer.
  3. After installation, download the WO Mic app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store or on your iPhone from the App Store.
  4. Open the program on your computer to ensure there are no errors.
  5. Select the connection method to link your phone's microphone to the computer.

Follow these steps to easily and effectively use your phone's microphone on your computer. If you encounter a "DLL error," download the VC runtime package from Microsoft to resolve the issue.

To connect your phone and computer to activate the WO Mic microphone

start the WO Mic program on your computer. Then, go to the "Connection" section in the toolbar at the top of the window and choose "Connect" from the dropdown menu. A new window will appear, allowing you to select the desired connection type to link the phone's microphone to the computer.

WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer

Connect WO Mic by USB cable  

The application offers four connection methods (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB cable), and it is recommended to use USB connectivity for stable connectivity.
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
Unlike other wireless methods that may suffer from noticeable latency, USB connection exhibits minimal latency, almost negligible. It's worth noting that this method is currently available for Android phones only, while alternative methods work efficiently on iPhone devices without any issues.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable, then enable "USB Debugging" mode in your phone settings to ensure proper audio transmission.
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
  • After selecting USB as the connection type, open the WO Mic app on your Android phone, press the menu button ⁝ and choose "Settings", then "Transport", and select USB.
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
  •  After that, click on the "▶ Play" icon to link the two devices. Now, when you use your phone's microphone, the audio will be transmitted directly to the computer.

Connect WO Mic via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless connection 

If you want to connect wirelessly and have a desktop computer equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter, you can easily do the following. 
  • Make sure first that your phone and computer connect to the same router via Wi-Fi..
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
  •  Then, open the WO Mic app on the phone and tap the Menu button (⁝), then choose "Settings".
  • And then go to the "Transport" connection section and choose "Wi-Fi". 
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
  • Return to the main screen of the application and press the "▶ Play" icon, a number will appear on the screen, and this number is the IP address that we will use in the copy of the program installed on the computer.
WO Mic software to use the phone microphone for the computer
  • Now go to your computer. Select "Wi-Fi" in the WO Mic program on the computer in the "Transport type" connection type box. When you see the "Phone IP address" field, enter the IP address that appears on your phone screen, then tap the Connect button to start using your phone's microphone on your computer.

How to make sure your phone's microphone is working on your computer

After following the previous steps, you should encounter no connection issues. However, you may occasionally notice that the Windows system cannot recognize your phone's microphone or that the audio doesn't transfer from the phone to the computer. In such a case, press the Win + R keys together to open the "Run" window, then type "mmsys.cpl" and press Enter to open the "Sounds" window.

Navigate to the "Recording" section and right-click on "WO Mic Device," then choose "Set as Default Device." Next, right-click again on "WO Mic Device," then select "Properties." Go to the "Levels" section and ensure that the "Main volume" is raised to the maximum.

By doing this, your phone's microphone should function as the primary microphone for the computer, making it ready for use in video conferencing programs and audio recording with ease.

This straightforward method provides you with a high-quality audio microphone from your phone, allowing you to use it in various computer applications, whether for video calls, recording audio clips, or even sharing other tasks that require clear sound. Let's explore how to achieve this solution easily and effortlessly.
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