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In the era of image editing and digital manipulation, we sometimes find ourselves in need of making more advanced modifications to photos. In this context, the Image Anonymization website emerges as an online tool that relies on artificial intelligence to enable users to easily and effectively hide or blur specific parts of images.

Anonymity. A site that recognizes faces with artificial intelligence and hides any face you want in the picture

Anonymity A site that recognizes faces with artificial intelligence and hides any face you want in the picture

Picdefacer.com is an online platform that serves as an effective photo editing tool, allowing you to easily conceal specific parts of your images according to your needs. This editor can be used to blur faces, license plates, or street name signs in photos for legal or personal reasons. The website also provides the option to blur the entire image or divide it into pixel units.

To use this editor, simply open your image in the photo editor, select the areas you want to control, adjust the blur effect, and save the resulting anonymized image. The editor has the ability to automatically detect faces of various sizes and orientations, making it easy to identify faces in photos containing multiple individuals. Additionally, the editor can recognize up to 100 human faces using a neural network model.

This service stands out by offering photo editing capabilities without the need to store or send any information, as all processing and analysis occur at the client level. The website emphasizes that no information is recorded or stored. The platform supports most modern web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. Enjoy the benefits of the service without compromising privacy, and all of this is available for free!

How to Use Picdefacer.com AI Face Masking 

Despite the availability of photo editing features on mobile phones, Image Anonymization provides a simple and free solution for advanced web-based image modifications. This website is considered a reliable tool for dividing or concealing faces in any type of image.

To benefit from the services of Image Anonymization, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Picdefacer.com Image Anonymization website.

2. Begin by clicking on the box to upload the image and select the image you want to modify or divide into pixel units.

3. Once the image is opened, click on the "Detect Faces" option and wait for a few seconds until the website recognizes and highlights the faces in the image.
How to Use Picdefacer.com AI Face Masking
4. Select how you want to hide faces: whether it's blurring them, using pixels, or placing a dark rectangle. You can also select the shape and pitch of the effect, so you can rotate the image as needed. If you want to undo the changes if you make a mistake, you can simply click "Clear" to restore the original appearance.
How to Use Picdefacer.com AI Face Masking
  • After finishing the editing, scroll down and select "Save As."
  • Choose the desired format for the modified image, whether it's JPG or PNG. You can also specify the preferred dimensions.
  • After making these adjustments, you can simply download the modified image by clicking "Save As" again.
  • And that's it!
It's worth noting that the page is highly effective in detecting faces in the images. However, you can always manually perform selection operations for what you want to hide. Just draw a rectangle using the cursor by pressing and holding on the screen, then dragging it to cover the entire selected area.
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