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Discover the oldest websites still operational on the internet, dating back to 1986 and continuing to function to this day

If we rewind to the end of the last century, we will find that the early websites on the Internet were far from the modern sites we see today. During that period, the primary focus was on accessing online content in a simple and quick manner, considering the limited internet connection speed at that time.
The 6 oldest sites on the Internet that still operate to this day
The 6 oldest sites on the Internet that still operate to this day
However, despite the development of technology, there are still some sites that have continued to operate today despite the change of times and the development of technology., The world of web development and design has witnessed a tremendous development in recent years, as web pages have become characterized by amazing designs and rich content. But this was not always the case.

When did the Internet as we know it today begin?

During that period, the websites we visited were characterized by their simplicity in both functionality and design, far from the vast amounts of images and videos we witness today. If we set aside Arpanet, the first network on the Internet designed to assist the U.S. Army, we must go back to the nineties to look at the evolution of the Internet up to the present time.

Let's imagine that the Internet's arrival in the Arab world began in the early nineties. However, these connections were largely limited to a few users compared to the current situation. We noticed that the communication means and devices used during that era were entirely different from what we have in our homes and offices today.

The same applies to the websites visited during that time, where their design relied on simplicity, and accessing and browsing them was already an accomplishment. Requesting much from them at that time was challenging because they were achieving their goals well. This is in stark contrast to the current situation where we seek an instant loading experience, and the more content, the better.

At that time, one could not expect to find websites offering any practical benefits as many current websites do. Often, we find sites that contain information only or are simply useless. Let's take a look at some examples that still work to this day.

The oldest websites on the web that are still in service

Vortex Technology

- Vortex Technology
This website - Vortex Technology - has been accredited to us since 1986. Basically, it has a basic design and little functionality or information. Although a rather old look is currently appearing, it attracts attention with its last update a few months ago. However, it retains its essence to remind us of the beginnings of the Internet.

What is HyperText

Let's go back to 1992 where this site was born. Initially, its developer Tim Berners-Lee wanted to explain the concept of links and how hyperlinks work online. Many of us today understand the concept more, but at that time it was confusing for many who were exploring the online world.

Interrupt Technology Corporation

In 1986, the Interrupt Technology Corporation website became publicly available to anyone with an Internet connection to access it, which we can access even today. Although it does not carry a great informational value or practical benefit to us, it is a source of curiosity, and the company that owns it confirms that it designed the site to be an online presence, without any intention to provide services or benefits to its customers.

ACME Laboratories

Here, the ACME Laboratories website remains active today, as it was founded in 1991, making it one of the oldest websites to offer free software with an open license. We can now download and install these programs on our computers. Despite its design far from the current pages for download, its continued operation arouses curiosity.

Welcome to Netscape

Old users in this field will probably remember the Netscape web browser next to Internet Explorer as a new stage. Amazingly, the welcome webpage launched with this successful app remains active so far. You can visit them and discover all the benefits and advantages that this browser offers.

A Little History of the World Wide Web

For many years, many users have been curious about the original beginnings and developments of the World Wide Web (WWW). On this site that we are now interacting with, he gives us a brief summary of this story. It is worth remembering that the site itself has existed since 1995, and we now have the opportunity to review its content.

These were the 6 oldest websites available on the Internet from the 1980s until now.  
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