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For college students and teachers: These are 5 innovative ways to benefit from the use of Copilot AI on Microsoft 365 Apps

In order to help teachers and students use generative AI effectively, Microsoft has published the AI Toolkit for Education, as well as a selection of ways students can use within Microsoft 365 apps to leverage AI in the following ways.

5 Ways College Students Can Use Copilot in Microsoft 365 Apps

5 ways college students can use Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps 

Microsoft organized its global event "Reimagine Education" that showcased the innovative ways in which tech schools are using. The company focused heavily on generative AI, and announced during the event that the Copilot program for Microsoft 365 applications will be available to higher education institutions starting April 1, 2024, to be offered to students over the age of 18.

Providing assistance with writing Microsoft Word:

The built-in Copilot robot in Microsoft Word can generate diverse texts and assist in editing and proofreading texts, as well as providing other features that may be useful for students.

Capabilities of Copilot in Word:
  1. Text Generation: Copilot helps in writing various types of texts, such as reports, research papers, letters, stories, and more.
  2. Text Editing: Copilot corrects spelling and grammar errors and offers suggestions to improve writing style.
  3. Text Proofreading: Copilot helps ensure the accuracy of information in texts.
  4. Understanding Study Materials: Copilot provides additional information about sections students find difficult to understand.
  5. Text Summarization: Copilot provides concise summaries of long texts.
  6. Converting Texts into Visual Elements: Texts can be converted into tables, charts, images, and more.
Students can enhance their understanding of study materials included in documents by identifying sections they find difficult to understand, where Copilot provides additional information about these sections, creates summaries, or converts them into visual elements such as tables.

Create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint:

Creating presentations can be a daunting task for students, as it requires a lot of time and effort in preparation, design, and practicing content delivery.

Copilot, the intelligent robot integrated into PowerPoint, provides a smart solution to facilitate presentation creation:
  1. Creating Presentations: Students can request Copilot to create a complete presentation by describing the topic or objective.
  2. Redesigning Presentations: Students can request Copilot to redesign any presentation in a creative and professional manner.
  3. Writing Texts: Copilot assists in writing presentation texts in a clear and engaging style.
  4. Gathering Information: Copilot helps in researching suitable information, images, and charts for the presentation.
  5. Presentation Training: Copilot offers tips on how to effectively deliver the presentation.
Microsoft has made this process much easier by integrating Copilot into the PowerPoint presentation service. Students can utilize this robot to create complete presentations simply through a single request, and they can also request improvements to any presentation for better results.

Analyze data, create tables, and organize data in Excel:

Organizing data in Excel requires skill in handling tables and data, but Excel students can benefit from the assistance of the Copilot robot, which allows them to handle data and tables easily without the need for intensive training.

Copilot, the intelligent robot built into Excel, provides a smart solution to facilitate data analysis and table creation:
  1. Data analysis: Students can rely on Copilot to understand the data in tables, as it provides comprehensive analytics and charts that help extract important information.
  2. Answering questions: Students can ask questions about the data, and Copilot provides accurate and clear answers.
  3. Table creation: Copilot assists in creating tables and organizing data in an easy-to-use manner.
  4. Data sorting: Students can request data sorting based on specific criteria, making the search and analysis process easier.
  5. Data summarization: Copilot provides concise summaries of data, saving time and effort.
The robot can analyze data and answer questions related to it, and any student wishing to create a data table can use Copilot to assist in sorting, summarizing, and organizing the data, saving them time and effort in formatting and allowing them to focus better on understanding the data.

Summarize Outlook emails:

Summarizing emails in Outlook can save a lot of time for students, as this time can be directed to other activities such as studying or doing assignments. The built-in Outlook Copilot robot provides valuable help, as it can summarize long messages and help students compose and edit emails, giving them more time to focus on studying and other work.

Copilot, the intelligent bot built into Outlook, offers an intelligent email management solution:
  1. Summarize emails: Copilot provides brief summaries of long messages, saving students time and effort.
  2. Write emails: Copilot helps students write clear and professional emails.
  3. Edit emails: Copilot corrects spelling and grammar errors, and provides suggestions for improving typing.
  4. Search for information: Copilot helps find important information in emails.

Get lecture summaries in the Microsoft Teams app:

Copilot in Microsoft Teams offers students the ability to quickly summarize lessons and lectures, whether held remotely or face-to-face.

Benefits of using Copilot to summarize lectures:
  1. Time-saving: Students can benefit from ready-made summaries instead of spending a long time taking notes.
  2. Focus on understanding: Copilot helps students focus on understanding and comprehension rather than on writing.
  3. Accurate follow-up: Students can review summaries at any time to ensure their understanding of the content.
  4. Academic enhancement: Copilot helps students remember information better and improve their academic performance.
By using Copilot in Microsoft Teams, students can quickly obtain summaries of chats, remote classes, meetings, or relevant video calls related to their studies. This makes it easier for students to stay continuously updated on important information shared in lectures and meetings, saving them time that they would otherwise spend taking key notes during classes. These summaries enable them to grasp the main points of the information covered in classes, helping them focus better during their studies.
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