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Copilot Pro is the paid version of Copilot robot, and it comes with improved features compared to the free version. This edition can be subscribed for $20 per month, and after signing up you can take advantage of Copilot Pro with all Microsoft 365 apps to help complete practical and study tasks, including the PowerPoint app.
How to use Copilot Pro to create and edit presentations in PowerPoint
How to use Copilot Pro to create and edit presentations in PowerPoint

How to use Copilot Pro to create and edit PowerPoint presentations 

The Microsoft Copilot Pro robot enables creating PowerPoint presentations, responding to inquiries related to information in the presentation, and summarizing its content. If your work or study tasks involve regularly creating presentations, you can benefit from Copilot Pro to streamline this process in PowerPoint through the following methods...

Create a new presentation with the AI ​​assistant Copilot Pro:

Before getting started, you first need to subscribe to Copilot Pro version. Simply visit the Microsoft Copilot Pro website and click on the "Get Copilot Pro" button, then proceed with the subscription and payment process. After that, you can begin using the Copilot Pro AI assistant in all Microsoft 365 applications.

Copilot Pro can assist you in designing a new presentation. To experience this, follow these steps:
Create a new presentation with the AI assistant Copilot Pro:
  1. Open the PowerPoint app and choose a blank template for the presentation that does not contain any designs or templates.
  2. Click on the Copilot icon in the toolbar.
  3. Click on the suggestion related to creating a presentation and write a request that outlines the main topic of the presentation.
  4. After submitting the request, Copilot will create the first slide containing the title and a set of other slides including the information you've added.

Ask Copilot to add more slides to your presentation:

After browsing through the slides created by Copilot in PowerPoint, or if you have a preset presentation and need to add more slides, you can ask the Copilot bot to add more slides. In the requirement, you can explain the data or information you want to add to the slides.

Improving and reorganizing presentations:

With Copilot, you can request to reorganize any presentation by writing a request explaining the major changes required, and the bot will better organize the slides accordingly.

Summarizing any presentation:

The Copilot bot can create a summary of any presentation you create in the PowerPoint app, making it easy for you to get the key points of the presentation. All you have to do is request a summary of the presentation from Copilot, and it will directly provide a summary of the main ideas.

Ask questions about your presentation and get answers:

You can ask questions about the content of your presentation, as Copilot will suggest some possible questions you can ask. After that, you can choose one of the suggested questions to get a direct answer, or write your own question, and Copilot will provide the answer within moments.
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