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Take control of your home's security: discover the Top 5 Apps for remote home monitoring and protection

Top 5 apps to help you keep your home safe and monitored remotely
If you seek an economical method to remotely monitor your home, consider utilizing one of these cost-effective apps. The growing demand for smart home security systems stems from their advantages in safeguarding homes and enabling remote surveillance. However, their high expenses render them inaccessible to many. Hence, apps have been created to offer protection and monitoring at minimal or no cost, or through reasonably priced plans with advanced features.

The top 5 applications that help you keep your home safe and monitor it remotely 

These apps rely on the use of two devices, one that acts as a surveillance camera, while the other device is used to monitor live broadcasts from the camera. Most of these apps are compatible with various devices such as computers and smartphones, so you can turn any old device you have into a home security camera.

» AtHome Camera app

The AtHome Camera app transforms your old device into a home security camera. You install the camera version on the old device you wish to repurpose, while the monitoring version goes on the device you keep with you to remotely monitor your home. Among its features, the app allows you to monitor up to four cameras from a single device.

AtHome Camera stands out as one of the top-rated and widely used home security apps, offering compatibility with various platforms such as Android, iOS, as well as Windows and macOS computers.

»TinyCam Monitor application for Android 

TinyCam Monitor performs similar functions to other apps on the list; you can install it on two different devices, one for recording and the other for viewing the captured image from the first phone.

The app offers a free version with ads, and you can subscribe to the paid version to get rid of ads and enjoy continuous video recording throughout the week, along with a range of powerful additional features.
  • TinyCam Monitor is available for Android users in the Google Store for free, with the ability to subscribe to the paid service within the app.

»AlfredCamera Home Security app 

AlfredCamera Home Security
The Alfred Home Security Camera app is one of the most popular apps for home security, allowing you to repurpose old smartphones into home surveillance cameras. With this app, you can remotely monitor your home through your second phone, featuring live streaming, cloud storage for recordings, and other features available for free to most users. However, some features such as high-definition recording require a subscription to the paid plan.

WardenCam app 

WardenCam is an app crafted to bolster your home security using old smartphones rather than buying new surveillance cameras.

With this application, you can repurpose old smartphones as surveillance cameras connected via Wi-Fi, offering customizable settings for each camera and compatibility with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It's easy to backup recorded video clips for added peace of mind.

»IP Webcam app

The IP Webcam app enables you to turn your phone into a surveillance camera, allowing you to monitor your home remotely. The app boasts a variety of features, including live video streaming, Dropbox support, as well as motion detection and video chat support. This app is one of the most prominent free apps dedicated to enhancing home security, but its main downside is the frequent presence of ads. Android OS users can download the app for free from the Google Store.

Finally, I hope you benefit from this article that provides you with control over your home security, as it reviews the top 5 apps for monitoring and protecting your home remotely.
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