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This is the curious reason why Google browser is called Chrome

The software sector includes many solutions for multiple purposes, and among these solutions, we can focus on web browsers. These tools are more important than ever, especially with Google Chrome topping the usage lists among users.

Naming puzzle: How did Google's browser become known as Chrome?

Additionally, there is a significant difference noted between it and competitors like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, despite their ongoing efforts to compete. This browser is widely used by most users on their computers and even their mobile phones. However, at this point, some may wonder why Google chose this name for one of its most important projects, which is the Chrome browser.

But, for someone with no knowledge of current technology and software, if we were to mention an application called "Chrome" to them, they might not have any association with any type of use or specific sector. So, we'll clarify below where this name, which Google decided to use in this context, came from.

Chrome: A journey from classic cars to the Internet revolution

Google began working on this project as a web browser in the late first decade of the 21st century, and at that time, it named the project "Chrome," a name it has used from the start. When someone is asked about the reason for this name, they often refer to the materials commonly used in the famous American cars known as "muscle cars" in the mid-20th century.
Naming puzzle: How did Google become known as Chrome?
If there's one characteristic that distinguishes this particular type of vehicles, it's the vibrant chrome that sets them apart, and the speed that allows enthusiasts to enjoy driving. It's precisely for this reason that the famous browser we're discussing in these words, "Chrome," was designed to be a faster and smoother alternative to its competitors at that time. Therefore, we are reminded of the aforementioned muscle cars that achieved tremendous success and continue to be highly popular among many people worldwide.
Naming puzzle: How did Google become known as Chrome?
Based on the distinctive chrome shine on the edges and bumpers of those classic cars, Google wanted to draw a parallel with its new browser. Although "Chrome" was initially a codename, it eventually became the final name for the browser. The development team organized an internal competition to choose the project's final name, and despite various options, "Chrome" remained the choice, as Glenn Murphy, one of Google's developers, pointed out. The main goal of this choice is to quickly associate users worldwide with the new web browser and the distinctive design of the mentioned classic sports cars.
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