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The competition from Haiper AI, a new AI initiative, shows that the world of video generation from text is still a crowded field of competition. This comes no wonder, as many are seriously researching this project, and fantasizing about achieving artificial public intelligence. The newly founded Haiper AI has launched artificial intelligence that creates videos for free, and the incredible results of this initiative have proven its worth.
How to Use Haiper AI to Convert Text to Video

This initiative comes from two former experts at Google and TikTok, Yishu Miao and Ziyu Wang, who possess extensive expertise in artificial intelligence language models. They aim to apply their knowledge in this field through a new startup that seeks to compete with leading companies like OpenAI and the Sora model for text-to-video transformation.

Haiper AI tool to convert text into animated video 

This initiative is considered an advanced model compared to other existing models that are often open source. We've seen how some of them have tested their power by producing trailers for films and executing a terrifying version of Heidi. However, progress and interest seem to have surpassed this time, as the video was successfully posted on social networks.

How to use Haiper AI to convert text to video:

All you need to do is visit their website  Haiper AI, log in using Discord or a Google account, and access artificial intelligence to watch the videos created by other users.

We have various options available. We can create an entirely new video through some text requests, but we also have the option to animate a selected still image.
How to Use Haiper AI to Convert Text to Video
So we can extend or recolor the current video as needed. The nice thing about it is that Haiper AI provides a completely free trial. Typically, these services are paid.May be future driven .
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