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Top 4 Online Tools : How to find songs similar to any song you love with AI

How to find songs similar to any song you love with artificial intelligence. Top 4 Online Tools
If you're bored of repeating the same songs and craving a new and exciting musical experience, don't worry. There are innovative technical options to help you with this. You can take advantage of five state-of-the-art AI systems that offer you a unique new music exploration experience that suits your personal taste.

Goodbye searching! AI recommends songs that match your taste 

In a vast and diverse musical world, the search for new music that suits our taste is becoming increasingly difficult over time. Fortunately, AI offers revolutionary solutions that help us discover new music that enriches our musical experience.

» AI Song Recommender

AI Song Recommender If you need a song recommendation just tell AI Song Recommender a song that you like and it will give you a personalized recommendation.
When you discover a new artist or enjoy music from a specific band, you often seek similar songs that match your musical taste. In this case, you can rely on "AI Song Recommender," a song recommendation tool based on AI.

How AI Song Recommender works :
  1. Enter the name of the song you like in the chat box.
  2. Press Go.
  3. The AI will create a playlist full of recommendations that may interest you.
In just a few moments, you'll get a playlist with music exactly the same as your previous selections.

»  Moodify

Now you can access a unique experience with the AI-driven music discovery tool, Moodify. Simply put, you can use this tool to find songs that are similar in character to your musical preferences.

All you have to do is visit its official page and sync your Spotify account with Moodify. Once any song is played on Spotify, Moodify will start giving recommendations for songs similar to the ones you listen to, providing you with an exciting and enjoyable music experience.

» Maroofy

Discover music you'll love. Search for a song, get recommendations with similar vibes.  Search for a song...
Maroofy follows a somewhat similar approach to other options on this list. It relies on its music library, which includes songs you like, to provide you with a wide range of similar recommendations.

Additionally, AI provides direct links to each song, allowing you to listen to them on the Apple Music app. Therefore, it is a suitable option to try out.

» Similarity Search de Universal

It is a revolutionary AI tool that helps you discover new music based on songs you like. By creating an account on the website, you can access the "Similarity Search" feature, which is an AI technology that provides recommendations based on excerpts from existing songs.
Similarity Search de Universal
How Similarity Search de Universal works 
  1. Create an account on the site.
  2. Tap the Similarity Search icon.
  3. Upload a link to the song you like or upload an MP3 file.
  4. The AI will analyze part of the song.
  5. Similarity Search will recommend similar songs.
To benefit from the service of searching for similarity between songs, all you have to do is click on the dedicated icon next to the search bar on the website. From there, you can upload the link of your favorite song or download an MP3 file. The artificial intelligence will analyze the specified part of the song and then provide recommendations for similar songs.
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