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4 Free Alternatives to Sora: Convert Text + Image to AI Videos - Create videos with AI

Create videos with AI

And call the primitive AI assistants! It's time for sophisticated intelligent systems capable of carrying out any task we require. Today, thanks to advanced language models, we can turn text into realistic videos.

What is Sora for creating videos with artificial intelligence?

Technology has seen significant advancements in AI in recent years, with smart systems now capable of executing various tasks with precision and efficiency. In addition to being used for generating text and images, advanced language models are now capable of creating realistic videos from text.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is one of the leaders in this field currently. Their latest development is Sora, which allows users to create realistic videos based on simple text input. This is similar to the way we use Bing or Dall-E to generate an image, as this artificial intelligence can create advanced realistic videos.

Free alternatives to Sora for creating amazing AI videos 

Luckily for us, OpenAI's AI isn't the only one we can rely on to create videos. Today, we're going to show you some of the best alternatives that you can use completely free of charge as well.

» Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2 is an ideal choice for users looking for a powerful and easy-to-use tool to create professional videos with promising features. Its developers worked hard to provide quality quite similar to what Sora offers. Among its main features, we can focus on the possibility of uploading our video to the computer and using it as a reference when creating the video using its algorithms.
- Runway Gen-2 - Runway Gen-2
What's so special about Runway Gen-2?
  1. High quality: The Runway Gen-2 offers Sora-like video quality, making it an excellent choice for users looking for professional results.
  2. Video bookmarking: Users can upload an existing video to the computer and use it as a reference when creating a new video, adding more accuracy and control to the process.
  3. Continuous development: Despite being newer than Sora, the Runway Gen-2 offers an impressive performance and is expected to compete strongly for top spot in the near future.
Although this AI currently doesn't reach the level of quality of Sora, it's also known to require fewer resources and less time. However, it's expected to become a very strong competitor in the coming months and will compete for the top spot.

In terms of cost, we need to pay $12 per month after registration to get 625 points for creating videos, where we initially get 125 points for free.

»  Pika Art

Pika Art
Pika Art is a great option that gives you huge possibilities without the need for advanced technical skills, enabling you to create an AI video via text or insert an image and make it a video.

This artificial intelligence, Pika Art, is designed to enable us to create high-quality videos and animations in an extremely simple way. It can be used through your Discord server, such as Midjourney, and there is also a dedicated website for those who are not experienced enough in Discord. Additionally, the web version offers features not available in Discord, such as editing created videos and lip syncing, along with many other options.

This AI gives us 250 initial points to create videos, and when we run out, it automatically recharges another 30 points daily.

» Pixverse AI

This is a completely free alternative to Sora. Like its competitor, this artificial intelligence allows us to create highly realistic videos through a series of instructions that we can pass to it via text. We can use this artificial intelligence from our website as well as from our Discord server. The advantage of using this second method is that it generates a total of 4 video clips, instead of creating a single video at a time, so we can choose the video we like best without waiting for another video clip to be created.
Pixverse AI
In terms of quality, this platform closely resembles Pika. It allows us to create highly realistic videos and animations, but it is considered less realistic than Sora. And of course, as mentioned, it is completely free, with no fees, limits, or watermarks.

» Vidnoz

The Vidnoz tool allows you to synchronize lip movements and facial expressions using artificial intelligence and is considered revolutionary technology for creating realistic videos, where AI offers immense capabilities for creating realistic videos through natural language processing (NLP) technology.
Vidnoz allows you to synchronize lips and facial expressions with artificial intelligence and is considered a technology
The purpose of this artificial intelligence is to create expressive videos from written texts, with the ability to choose appropriate avatars, backgrounds, and languages to customize our videos. However, the limitation lies in the inability to create entirely new content.

This artificial intelligence allows us to create one minute of video per day for free. If we wish to pay $14.99 per month, we can create up to 10 minutes of video per day and completely remove watermarks from the videos.
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