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3 Secret Websites to Recover Deleted Content on Reddit
While navigating through Reddit, your preferred platform, you may stumble upon an intriguing post. However, upon attempting to view it, you're greeted with a simple message stating "[deleted]". What causes this phenomenon? Who bears the responsibility for its removal? Moreover, how can you retrieve deleted posts on Reddit? On occasion, users opt to delete their own posts, while in other instances, Reddit moderators intervene. Additionally, Reddit may remove posts for breaching community guidelines.

3 Effective Approaches to Retrieving Deleted Content on Reddit

In this article, we outline several methods to attempt the recovery of deleted content on Reddit, acknowledging that success isn't always guaranteed. Further elaboration on these techniques will follow in the subsequent sections.

» Reveddit

Reveddit is arguably one of the most comprehensive tools available, offering the chance to recover deleted content from Reddit while also alerting you to any removal of your own posts or comments. This feature is particularly useful in detecting if you've been banned unknowingly.
Reveal Reddit's secretly* removed content. Search by username or subreddit (r/):
It's important to note that Reveddit exclusively targets content deleted by moderators or bots. Nevertheless, navigating the site is straightforward, allowing you to follow these steps regardless of the situation:
  • Go to the Reveddit.com website.
  • In the search bar, enter the subreddit name, post title, or username you want to search.
  • Click Go to start your search.
The deleted results will appear as a list of posts that you can browse in the same way you browse Reddit in general.

» PullPush Reddit Search

PullPush presents itself as an exceptional alternative for retrieving erased content from Reddit. This tool indexes and retrieves material eliminated by Reddit users.
Reddit Search Powered by PullPush API. Camas is back, baby!  USERNAME e.g. Daleeburg SUBREDDIT
Its functionality is straightforward, as it can be applied not just on Reddit but also across various platforms like Discord. Following a few uncomplicated steps is all that's required.
  • Visit the PullPush page.
  •  Click "Reddit Search" at the top right of the page.
  • Fill in the required data to select the content you want to search, such as username, subreddit name, post type, word count, date, and more.
  • Click Search.
Then, results that match your search criteria will appear, and you'll be able to read the content as if it had never been deleted.

» ReSavr

ReSavr offers a straightforward solution for retrieving deleted comments on Reddit. While it lacks the flashy features of some other tools, it efficiently accomplishes its task without complications.

Its interface is user-friendly, requiring minimal computer skills. However, it's essential to remember that ReSavr only allows viewing deleted comments, not accessing original posts.

To utilize ReSavr, simply visit the website and click on the "Latest Comments" button. This enables easy browsing of recently deleted comments from Reddit in a clear, readable format.

It stands out as one of the top methods for recovering deleted content on the Reddit platform.
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