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CardioSignal: Your Heart's Companion - Detect Heart Conditions with Your Phone!

 A promising Finnish startup, known as "CardioSignal" is poised to revolutionize how we track our heart health, solely relying on our smartphones without the need for additional devices. The company asserts its ability to detect heart diseases through the built-in motion sensors of smartphones.
Application to put your mobile phone on your chest to find out if you have heart problems CardioSignal
TNW reported the origin story of CardioSignal, which began with Jussi Blömster, the CEO of the company and a seasoned cardiologist with over twenty years of experience. His inspiration struck while practicing in Australia, where he observed a growing interest among patients in tracking heart and vascular health using sports watches. Despite the popularity of smartwatches, they lacked the precision needed for clinical analysis. This realization prompted Blömster's team in Finland to explore the potential of motion sensors in smartphones, leading to the development of a dedicated app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Transforming Your Smartphone into a Medical Device

  1. A Class IIa CE-marked medical device capable of detecting signs of atrial fibrillation
  2. Measure your heart's activity for a minute anytime, anywhere, directly on your smartphone
  3. Utilizes clinically approved gyroscope heart mapping technology to accurately measure heart movements

How CardioSignal Operates

The paid CardioSignal app revolutionizes smartphones into essential diagnostic tools. By placing the phone on the chest, the built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes capture heart movements, with the data then sent to a cloud service for analysis to detect atrial fibrillation (AF), a prevalent heart rhythm disorder. This method has undergone clinical validation and earned classification as a Class IIa medical device by the European Commission, underscoring its reliability and precision.
While smartwatches from leading brands like Apple and Samsung excel in activity and health tracking, CardioSignal offers a distinct advantage: the ability to directly measure heart activity by placing the phone on the chest, providing more comprehensive and accurate data compared to wearable devices typically measuring heart rate solely on the wrist.

Moreover, CardioSignal aims to extend its capabilities beyond detecting atrial fibrillation to diagnose other conditions such as heart failure, aortic stenosis, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary arterial hypertension. This highlights a broader trend towards harnessing smartphones as personal medical devices capable of effectively managing and monitoring our health.

Despite challenges like data security, the potential to enhance access to healthcare and its quality is invaluable. In the foreseeable future, we may witness smartphones evolving from mere communication tools to powerful healthcare companions we carry in our pockets. For the Android and iOS app download links, visit the official website: [cardiosignal.com].
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