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Malwarebytes is a site where you put your email so that you know all your leaked information spread in the dark web
With our daily use of the internet and our registration on various websites, our data is stored in massive databases that are potential targets for cyberattacks. In order to achieve security and preserve privacy, the security company Malwarebytes has developed a web tool that allows users to check their digital footprint online. This tool relies on several factors such as the security of the services used and the user's interaction with the internet, aiming to provide users with the highest level of security and peace of mind.

How can Malwarebytes help you find out your information was leaked on the dark web?

As you spend years online, there's a growing concern about the potential circulation of your personal data without your knowledge. The dark web, especially, adds to these worries due to its murky and opaque nature. However, there are now new platforms that offer insights into the scope of your personal data exposure. Through some investigation, I came across a website that allows you to input your email address to track any leaked information circulating on the dark web.

Before we proceed with further details, it's crucial to highlight that the Malwarebytes system meticulously scans a broad spectrum of sources and platforms where your data might leak. It conducts thorough analyses of the dark web to detect leaked information, and also scrutinizes internet forums, social media platforms, and websites where your data could potentially be compromised, including contact details, phone numbers, and various databases.

How to use Malwarebytes to find out all your leaked information spread on the dark web 

  • Enter the Malwarebytes Digital Footprint link, enter your email and click on the "Scan now" button.
  • The system will send a verification code to your email, which you have to enter to continue.
  • This is intended to protect your confidential information and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it, including data obtained through analysis. , and all your leaked information will appear with your social media and website accounts.
How to use Malwarebytes to find out all your leaked and widespread information in the dark web Access the Malwarebytes Digital Footprint link
After finishing, you'll be able to access an online digital footprint map displaying the leaked data. With the mouse, you can navigate various points on the map. From my own experience, I uncovered unsettling details, like finding my email address available on the dark web. Consequently, changing my password became imperative.
Use Malwarebytes to find out all your information leaked and spread on the dark web
Furthermore, I discovered my phone number, full address, and date of birth were also compromised. This originated from my registration with a service in 2019, which suffered a breach leading to the exposure of user information.

This situation is highly concerning, thus it's crucial to heed the recommended precautions from Malwarebytes, including updating passwords and implementing necessary measures to minimize the risk of data compromise. This is how I uncovered all my leaked information scattered throughout the dark web.
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