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A site that offers you more than 19,000 animated icons to put in your videos or location
Are you searching for animated icons to elevate your website or give your videos an extra flair? Look no further than Lordicon. Dive into our extensive library of animated icons, offering a diverse range of stunning visuals and seamless integration options.

Lordicon Enjoy more than 19 thousand animated icons: add a magical touch to your videos and website

This repository provides a complimentary assortment of over 1,900 animated icons, designed to enhance the enjoyment and engagement of your website visitors or video audience.

Navigating the site is effortless. Simply visit Lordicon via the provided link to explore and obtain icons. You can search for specific symbols or browse them by categories, then download them directly. All icons are accessible via downloadable files or Google Drive links, with automatic folder updates for convenience.

Meet Lordicon: the unique animated icon pack

Discover a vast collection of interactive and animated icons that infuse a touch of magic into your web projects, applications, presentations, and videos.
  1. Customize with ease: Tailor animation styles, font displays, and colors to harmonize with your brand.
  2. Seamlessly integrate: Effortlessly incorporate icons into your website or app using platforms like WordPress, WIX, Shopify, and more.
  3. Universally appealing: Perfect for website owners, web developers, and app designers seeking to differentiate themselves from competitors
  4. Engage your website visitors and break free from monotony with the captivating animated icons offered by Lordicon, enriching your user experience with vitality and charm.
Every icon is available in multiple formats, including Lottie, GIF, SVG, EPS, and PNG, offering flexibility in how you use them. Moreover, you have the freedom to customize the icons according to your preferences, such as adjusting colors, font size, and more.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly integrate animated icons into your website using the "Embed HTML" feature. The library also offers editing tools that enable you to personalize an entire set of icons, making it a perfect option for improving user experience and emphasizing key elements on your website or in your videos.
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