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Amid Users' Discontent, a New Website Allows You to Use Google Without AI Results.

Initiatives like these highlight how some users are frustrated with the frequent changes on the platforms they rely on, especially those aiming for an AI-powered future that does not meet their satisfaction.
They launched a website where you can use Google without artificial intelligence results. Everyone doesn't like the new update

A New Website Allows Google Use Without AI Results Amid Users' Discontent with the Latest Update

Google makes it difficult to disable "AI Overviews," which appear above regular search results. Although this feature is currently available only in the United States, it will soon be rolled out globally. Nonetheless, users in the U.S. have already started looking for ways to use Google without AI assistance every time.

The "AI Overviews" feature in Google Search is causing significant controversy in the United States. On the platform X, screenshots showing severe errors in AI-generated responses have spread widely.

Launch of the udm14 website

To address these issues, the udm14 website was launched, which removes AI results and the top-placed ads from Google searches. This site reflects users' frustration with the AI Overviews in Google's search engine, stating:

"If you want to give people easy access to Google Search without AI, send them to this site." Through this site, it has become much easier to access Google for its primary search function without distractions, providing search results in a web format without AI Overviews or ads.
Enter the UDM14 link, then search for anything, and it will take you to Google results without artificial intelligence .
Launch of the udm14 website
This site is not an independent search engine but merely a redirect to Google with some modifications to enhance the search experience. Its creator, Ernie Smith, says he built it "in one hour," and the code is publicly available on his GitHub repository.
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