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In the realm of technology, Microsoft remains at the forefront of innovation with the recent introduction of a novel lineup of computers dubbed Copilot Plus. Representing a notable advancement in computing, these machines harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to deliver a sophisticated user experience that streamlines daily tasks.

During the Microsoft Build 2024 event, the company showcased its latest addition to the computing landscape: Copilot+PC. Fueled by artificial intelligence, these computers offer users an enhanced level of usability, thereby optimizing their daily workflows. Among the array of features found in Copilot Plus are tools designed to expedite content creation, provide instantaneous feedback and translations, and facilitate effortless navigation through voice commands.
The most prominent features of artificial intelligence in Microsoft's new Copilot Plus computers

The best AI features for Windows in the new Copilot+PC computers launched by Microsoft

Equipped with seamlessly integrated artificial intelligence capabilities, Copilot Plus computers are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Notably, the inclusion of the Copilot button on the keyboard grants users quick access to the smart assistant, further bolstering productivity by swiftly executing commands and tasks.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the key artificial intelligence features that distinguish Copilot Plus computers.

Recall feature to facilitate searching and saving

Recall is a new feature integrated into Copilot Plus computers, aimed at enhancing the user experience by recording everything displayed on the computer screen and indexing it using artificial intelligence. This facilitates later search for any information that appeared on the screen.

Recall allows users to easily search for previous content by entering voice commands instead of traditional keywords in the search bar. For example, users can simply request Recall to retrieve a specific website from their browsing history.

Recordings are stored locally on the device, enhancing user privacy as none of this data is sent to the cloud storage. Users can also customize Recall settings, including blocking certain recordings, editing, viewing, and deleting them as needed.

Microsoft assures that data recorded by Recall will not be used to train artificial intelligence models, ensuring that user information remains private and secure.
Recall feature to facilitate

Support for the GPT-4o language model

Microsoft has revealed that GPT-4o, the latest language model developed by OpenAI, will soon integrate into the Copilot platform. This integration will bring the full range of textual, visual, and audio capabilities of GPT-4o to Copilot on the newest Microsoft computers, paving the way for innovative interactions with devices.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft showcased how the enhanced Copilot robot assists users on the latest Copilot Plus computers. In a practical demonstration, a Minecraft player utilized the Copilot robot to seek guidance on crafting a sword within the game. The robot showcased its ability to perceive on-screen content and provide step-by-step guidance to the player, assisting in crafting the sword and locating a suitable hiding spot within the game environment.

This demonstration underscores the multimedia artificial intelligence's capacity to offer comprehensive assistance across various applications, not limited to gaming. The GPT-4o model enhances the user experience by delivering precise and immediate guidance grounded in visual, textual, and audio context, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity across diverse scenarios.
Support GPT-4o language model

Drag and drop in Copilot

Microsoft has introduced a new drag-and-drop feature to its Copilot integration in its latest computers. With this addition, users can effortlessly drag items and drop them into the Copilot window to access additional information.

For instance, if a user comes across an image online and wishes to gather more details, they can simply drag the image and drop it into the Copilot window. This action prompts Copilot to provide further information about the image, offering a convenient and swift method to acquire additional context without the need for extensive manual searches.

This enhancement by Microsoft aims to elevate the user experience by simplifying information handling and fostering interactivity. By leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, Microsoft empowers users to swiftly and efficiently access knowledge, thereby enhancing their overall productivity and efficiency.
Drag and drop in Copilot

Additional AI features in Copilot+PC

Cocreator feature in the Paint app

The latest version of the Painter app introduces the Cocreator feature, powered by artificial intelligence, enabling users to effortlessly enhance images. With Cocreator, users can either generate new images or refine existing ones using simple text instructions. Additionally, the creative toolbar offers flexibility in adjusting the level of AI assistance during the editing process.

Cocreator streamlines editing tasks, ensuring precise outcomes, making it a crucial tool for artists of all levels. These innovative tools signify a shift in the dynamics of human-machine collaboration in creative endeavors. However, despite the growing integration of artificial intelligence in art, ethical and economic concerns regarding authenticity and employment stability persist.
Cocreator feature in Paint app

Live caption

Live captions provide comments and interpretation in any language for any voice played by the user on the Copilot Plus computer, whether in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other video calling platform. This feature supports more than 40 languages and works even when offline.
Live captions Copilot Plus:

Restyle feature in the Photos app

The Photos app in Windows 11 introduces a new feature called Restyle to easily edit photos and videos using artificial intelligence. This feature helps remove background from videos, design a new background, create new images, and more.
Restyle in the Photos app Copilot Plus

Improve sound and picture quality during video calls

The new Copilot Plus computers from Microsoft are among the latest additions to the company's offerings, featuring enhancements in audio and image quality through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. These features, known as "Windows Studio Effects," aim to improve user experience during video calls and audio recording sessions. They include features such as automatic framing of images, background enhancement in portrait mode, as well as audio focus to enhance sound quality and reduce background noise.

These features are part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance the capabilities of smart technology and provide practical solutions that facilitate users' daily lives. Copilot Plus computers represent a step towards the future of personal computing, where innovation meets efficiency to achieve optimal results.
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