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Top 9 games you can play via browser in your Android or iPhone phone

Since the debut of the first mobile game in 1994, a Tetris version for the Hagenuk MT-2000, mobile video games have seen remarkable advancements. Nowadays, games like Warzone, Squad Busters, and Genshin Impact are leading names in the mobile gaming industry. But did you know there are fantastic games available that you can play directly from your browser without using any space on your phone?

Yes, you read that right. There are nine incredible games you can enjoy without needing to download them to your device. This means you won’t have to clear out 90% of your phone’s content to make room. All you need is your browser, and these games run seamlessly without requiring any additional software installation.
Top 9 games you can play via browser in your Android or iPhone phone

These are the 9 best exciting games you can play via your smartphone browser without installing them

If this sounds intriguing, be sure to check out the article we've crafted just for you, showcasing the best nine browser-based games that won’t take up any memory on your phone.

Scooter Extreme 3D

If you enjoy fast and exciting racing games, Scooter Extreme 3D is the game for you. Available on Gamesnacks, it is easy to play as you race the scooter on a vertical screen with obstacles, making it very similar in gameplay to the popular Subway Surfers. Your goal is to arrive first, collect coins, and buy upgrades for your scooters. This game offers a fun and exciting racing experience suitable for all ages.
- Scooter Extreme 3D

Noob vs. Darts Shooting Game 1000 monsters

This game available on the Yandex.com platform is a great option for lovers of skill and precision games. The primary objective in them is to shoot arrows to get three stars in campaign mode. You have to kill all the monsters around you and beat each level successfully. This game requires high concentration and excellent aiming abilities, making it a fun challenge for fans of the genre.
- Noob vs. 1000 monsters

Wordle: Daily puzzle game

Wordleis the ideal choice for lovers of language puzzles. The game is based on finding a hidden word using the clues provided by the game. The challenge changes daily, as players have to discover new words every day, making it an exciting game and constantly rejuvenating the mind.

PokeRogue: A unique roguelike game

PokeRogue offers a unique experience for Pokemon fans, putting you in an endless circle of Pokemon battles. Enjoy random battles, double battles, boss battles, and much more. The game includes Pokémon up to the ninth generation, which means you'll be able to use a wide variety of characters in your battles. This game is an excellent choice for Pokemon fans looking for new and varied challenges.
- PokeRogue

CATS: Cat Robot Battles

In Yandex's CATS game, your mission is to create a unique robot and throw it on the battlefield to face other robots. These robots can be fully customized, and the more you win battles, the more money you get to develop your robot and make it more powerful and deadly. This makes the game perfect for action and strategy lovers.

Password Game: A never-ending mental challenge

Password Game developed by Neal Agarwal, is a real mental challenge. In this seemingly endless game, you'll be shown that no password is completely secure. As you advance in the game, you'll need to add new characters and unlock various puzzles in an ongoing adventure.

Ninja Clash Heroes: Fun group battles

Ninja Clash Heroes is a simple and fun multiplayer shooter. They are a great option for those who like to play with their friends without the need for a modern mobile phone with great storage capabilities. The game is easy to play and quick to engage in multiplayer battles, making it ideal for quick entertainment.

Time Shooter 3 S.W.A.T: An exciting FPS experience

If you're a fan of first-person shooters, Time Shooter 3 S.W.A.T will meet your expectations. Your goal in this game is to survive and overcome all your enemies using your fast movements and a variety of weapons. It's an experience full of excitement and quick challenges.

Kuzbass: An exciting horror adventure

Finally, we have Yandex's Kuzbass game, which stands out thanks to its exciting story and distinctive gameplay. In this game, you have to solve puzzles and find the necessary items to try to save your kidnapped sister from superpowers. It's a game that combines horror and puzzles, making it an unforgettable experience.

Each of these games offers a unique and fun experience, so give it a try now and test your challenging and thrilling skills.
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