Sending secret messages in Gmail .. How to use temporary emails in Gmail?

Sending secret messages in Gmail .. How to use temporary emails in Gmail?

Sending secret messages in Gmail via a certain timing already exists It turns out that Google introduced its secret status to Gmail during 2018; This configuration allows messages sent by people to expire.


This action prevents content from being copied by recipients, forwarded to other Gmail users, or downloaded.

How to Use Confidential Mode in Gmail

To use Gmail's confidential mode on the desktop or mobile app, you need to do the following:

The first thing you should do is write a new message; Once done, find the locked clock icon next to the “Send” button and tap on it.

Once done, a popup will appear allowing you to set parameters for how long you want recipients in Gmail to have access to your message before it expires; It can be up to five years one day.

For passcode requirements, you can use SMS passcode to further enhance the security of your confidential emails.
Google will ask for a passcode each time you open the locked email by sending it to the recipient's phone number. This means that you will now need to have the recipient's phone number to exchange private data
Once you have completed all the security steps, click on Save, write your email and hit send. If you enable the passcode, Gmail will ask you to enter the recipient's phone number so that they can send the 4-digit passcode.
The main benefit of using confidential mode is the added security, as recipients won't be able to "redirect, copy, paste, download, or even print content".
These limitations make the feature even more fun as your private information if it gets to a third set, which is usually the case with random leaks. 
The confidential email you receive will look like this:

While the steps in the Gmail mobile app are basically the same, some items are in different places than they appear in the browser on a computer.

In this case, to find the secret mode, tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Gmail app.