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The only online photo editor you need for your photos , completely free The internet has a powerful and outstanding photo editor that comes with great features and is free.
Image Candy This site is a 100% free image editor. Opening Candy leads you to an organized website that displays all the available photo editing tools on one attractive page.

For mobile users, don't worry, if you don't have your computer with you, Candy Image works on mobile phones too. The site is completely free and you can visit the site and enjoy the free tools from the following link:Image Candy Website Link

The full list of photo editing tools available on Picture Candy is as it is:
1- Image converter
2- Change the image size
3- Compress the image
4- Remove the background
5- Image to PDF
6- image management
7- Face photo
8- Crop the image
9- Add text
10- Image watermark
11- Meme Generator
12- Convert Heic to JPG
13- DPI Converter
14-image to text
15- Video to GIF

The various services offered are divided into sections that are visible directly on the landing page.

Candy Image offers a clutter-free user interface with attractive icons for each tool. You can access all 15 features available directly from the homepage or use the Navbar at the top.

We've put together a full list of the features that Image Candy has to offer below, and besides offering everyday tools for your image processing needs, Image Candy has even more surprises in store.

After seeing all the features mentioned above, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that Image Candy must be not free or have some limitations. However the site is 100% completely free online and does not show any ads, specific file size or time limits. The website doesn't even add its own watermark to your image, something other online photo editors do or require you to pay for using these tools.
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