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Pinpoint is a simple and effective tool for transcribing audio, preferably using a computer. Pinpoint, a Google tool developed for journalists that transcribes audio with great ease and accuracy.Pinpoint is a digital platform from Google that focuses specifically on the work of a journalist. However, it is a very useful tool for any user. 

IN ADDITION to transcribing audio, it can be very useful if you are a journalist and deal with a large number of documents, as Pinpoint helps you organize and analyze them more clearly. Without further delay, we will explain below what you have to do to use this Google service step by step.

Before explaining How it works, we must mention that the pinpoint mode is optimal for large screens, and it is recommended to use it from a computer. Pinpoint is a completely free tool, although you have to register with Google to allow you to access it.

How to use Google Pinpoint

The first thing you need to do before transcribing audio is to create a collection where audio, video, text and other files will be stored. After doing that.
click on "Add documents" and select whether you want to upload the content from your computer or from Google Drive.
Whether it is an audio or a video clip, it will be converted into a PDF document with the entire text. The result is as in the following screenshots:

-The link to access their website is as follows: Google Pinpoint

When uploading a new file, you just have to wait for Pinpoint to convert it to text.
Next, access the PDF document with your name and you will find the full text.

As you can see in the previous images, the text may contain some errors, such as names that are not detected well or punctuation marks that do not include them.

However, if we click on the Edit button in the upper right corner, we can edit the text while listening to the audio using the playback bar at the bottom.

This Google platform for journalists and academics is in development, so it asks you to give "feedback", that is, to comment on possible errors and aspects that need to be improved, always without sharing confidential information.
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