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ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. This bot is designed to mimic human conversations. It can remember things you have said to it in the past and has a smooth conversation with you. It has the ability to admit its mistakes and correct your wrong assumptions.
5 problems a ChatGPT bot can cause

However, after launching the beta version of the ChatGPT bot, many users indicated that there are some problems with it, which may have serious dimensions. So what are the issues with using a ChatGPT bot?

1- Not always providing correct answers:

ChatGPT can sometimes give wrong answers, and Open AI has warned that ChatGPT can give you incorrect answers. And this problem is serious when it comes to taking medical advice from this bot and applying it, for example.

Unlike other AI-based voice assistant technologies such as Siri or Alexa, ChatGPT does not use the Internet to determine answers. Rather, it uses the information it has learned from the training data to provide an answer, which leaves room for error, so it is important not to trust everything it says.

2- Bias appears in some answers:

Users of this bot have indicated that some of its answers may show bias for one particular group, or may provide some harmful answers for other groups, although researchers and developers of the data used to train ChatGPT are working to address what OpenAI calls "biased behavior," and is asking users to provide feedback on the output. the inappropriateness that this bot might show.

3- It may negatively affect education:

Students can use ChatGPT to help with homework and write reports. This may negatively affect their educational level. Some teachers have tried requesting English assignments from ChatGPT and have received better answers than many of their students.

Some students also admitted to using ChatGPT for their homework, and some decided to use it to cheat on exams instead of Chegg, a homework help website.

Therefore, this robot raised the concerns of teachers and professors in universities and institutes, as it allows students to cheat on a large scale, without the ability to detect them. This begs the question: If ChatGPT can write and do homework, how will this affect the future of education?

4-His answers could cause actual harm.

Incorrect information from ChatGPT can cause harm in the real world, so in addition to the previously mentioned example of taking and applying medical advice that may be wrong, there are other concerns. It may help fake social media accounts to appear, and online scams may become easy to implement. The spread of fake information is another concern, especially when ChatGPT makes even wrong answers seem convincingly correct.

5- It may work according to the objectives of the company that developed it:

OpenAI was one of the first AI companies to introduce powerful multiple AI models including Dall-E 2, GPT-3, and now ChatGPT. This company chooses what data is used to train ChatGPT and how it handles negative outcomes.

Thus, OpenAI is the first controller of everything that comes out of the robot, and whether we agree with that or not, the company will continue to develop this technology according to its own goals. And while OpenAI makes safety a priority, there's a lot we don't know about how these bots are created.

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