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Addiction to social networks, a growing problem in society.. How do you know that you are addicted and here are some solutions

Social media addiction exists, but it is not taken as seriously as other issues. It can have a series of negative psychological effects on many people, and short awareness videos have not helped the problem, causing children and adults glued to their screens for hours a day without even realizing it. 

The effects it produces can vary from person to person, and not everyone who uses social media is exposed to negative effects, as social media can have many benefits, but it is important to be aware of how to use social networks so as not to affect our psychological health and the necessity Take measures to minimize any potential negative effects.


- What problems can it cause?

The problems that it can cause are already known to all, and they are as follows:

Lack of attention and focus: Excessive use of social networks can distract people and hinder their ability to focus on other activities.

Anxiety and stress: Constant comparison with others on social media can cause anxiety and stress, as well as self-esteem issues.

Depression: It's common when you feel like you've lost touch with friends and family.

-Sleep problems: Excessive use of social networks can affect sleep quality and lead to problems such as insomnia or fatigue, as it is common to watch a TikTok feed before bed and let them spend two hours watching cats and Anime AI effects.

How do I know I am addicted?

As with other addictions, the most important thing is to recognize the problem.

If you feel the need to check social media constantly, even when you're not getting new notifications, and feel anxious or depressed when you're not online, it could be a sign of addiction.

Addicts also lose interest in other activities, stop doing things they used to do, and often have trouble sleeping.As a result, relationships with others are often affected.

What can I do to heal myself?

To control this addiction, you need to follow similar steps for other addictions:

-Set limits: Set a time limit on social media use and focus on other offline activities.

-Turn off notifications: Constantly getting a notification that someone has posted something doesn't help recovery.

-Uninstall some applications: do not have all the social networks in the world, reduce, bet on one or two, to gradually reduce this addiction.

Find healthy alternatives: There are many things outside of social networks that can produce the same pleasure, such as exercising, reading, or spending time with friends and family in person.

Seek support: If you feel that your addiction to social networks is affecting your life in a significant way, consider seeking professional support.

It's not a subject to be taken lightly, and even less so when it comes to minors.

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