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ChatGPT's AI-based chatbot has opened up a world of new possibilities, driving many developers to work on new use cases every day.

The ChatGPT bot bases its work on the Large Language Model (GPT-3), which it uses to generate natural language text, which can respond to a wide range of claims in a conversational manner.  The content generated by the ChatGPT bot includes: emails, blog posts, long articles, spreadsheets, text summaries, meetings, podcasts, simple explanations of complex topics, simple code and can detect error in any code you have written.

As the ChatGPT bot is so widespread, and used by people for work, education, and personal purposes, this has prompted developers to introduce web browser extensions to make the most of ChatGPT's capabilities.

Google Chrome - the most used browser - now has several useful add-ons that improve ChatGPT responses, help you increase your productivity, here are the highlights:

1- addition WebChatGPT To pull updated data from the web:

The biggest problem with the ChatGPT bot is that its responses are based on data available up to the year 2021 it was trained on, and that makes its answers out of date for anything that happened after that time.
WebChatGPT lets you get around this problem, as it adds relevant web results to whatever you request from the ChatGPT bot.

Once you install this add-on and open ChatGPT, you'll see a bar below the usual dialog box for queries and prompts.  Activate the Search the Web option by clicking on the toggle button next to it to activate WebChatGPT.  You can also choose between different filters such as: time, region and number of results since you can ask it to search for up to 10 results.

You can also turn off the extension by using the toggle to restore original ChatGPT functionality at any time.
»This extension is freely available for Chrome browser users and Firefox browser users.

2- addition ChatGPT Writer To automate emails:

If someone sends a professional email and you are busy, it is a bad idea to reply with an email of one or two lines even if that sums up everything you want to say, and here you can use (ChatGPT Writer) to write emails for you, the extension works independently,  But it only requires an OpenAI account login.

To use this extension;  All you have to do is install it in your browser, then run it on any site and a popup will appear in which you enter a shorthand of what you want to write about and then hit the generate response button.
This extension works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as: Chrome, Edge, and Brave, and it works with all email services, but it is specially designed for Gmail, and it supports all languages.
To use it to reply to Gmail messages, you can follow these steps:
  • After installing the extension in your browser, go to Gmail, then open the email you want to reply to.
  • Click on the (ChatGPT Writer) icon that appears next to the send button in the compose message box.
  • Briefly enter what you want to reply to, then hit the Create Reply button. The extension will take a few seconds to create a long, professional message, and you can change or edit any word inside the box or return the prompt if you're not satisfied with the text.  When you're happy with the result, just enter it into the reply box, and you're ready to go.
»This extension is available to Chrome browser users only.

3- addition ChatGPT for Google To facilitate the search:

ChatGPT for Google displays ChatGPT bot responses to your request along with results from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines.
You must have a ChatGPT account to use this extension, and the extension becomes active any time you use Google and does not require any special prompts.
»This extension is freely available for Chrome browser users and Firefox browser users.

4- addition Talk-to-ChatGPT For audio answers:

ChatGPT has been trained to predict text, so you can't talk to it, and it won't give you voice responses, but Google Chrome supports voice commands and supports text-to-speech features.
The (Talk-to-ChatGPT) extension uses Google Chrome features to bridge this gap, as it allows you to make prompts by speaking to your computer, and listening to ChatGPT responses out loud.
Once this extension is installed, a floating window will appear in the upper right corner of the ChatGPT page. Click the (START) button to start speaking. You will also find other options in the window, such as: shutdown, mute, skip the current message, and access the settings menu.
»This plugin is free and open source, and lets you choose between different AI voices, pitch, and speed at which text is read.
This extension is only available for Chrome browser users.

5- addition Engage AI To improve your engagement on LinkedIn::

There is no better way to boost your LinkedIn account than interacting with people, but the problem is that the more you interact, the more time it takes to read and respond to everything.  Therefore, the addition of (Engage AI) provides you with an easy way to use artificial intelligence to increase your interaction through LinkedIn and save hours of your time.
Let's say you come across a long post on LinkedIn, but you don't have enough time to read the entire topic and interact with it, the (Engage AI) extension will read for you and create a comment based on the content in the post.
»This extension is available for free to Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edg users as well.
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