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The Intel Unison application is a unified platform developed by Intel that combines hardware, software, and AI capabilities to provide users with a seamless, secure, and convenient computing experience. The program offers a simple way to transfer files between the phone, whether the phone is running Android or iOS.
Intel Unison application connects your iPhone and Android phone to Windows to transfer and view files

Similar to Apple and its iTunes app as well as Microsoft and its Phone Link app, Intel is also trying to offer its app for connected and always-synchronized devices between Android, iOS and Windows. By introducing Unison, Intel is trying to bridge the gap between a Windows device and a modern smartphone by enabling capabilities such as transferring files, managing notifications, and receiving and receiving calls on PCs or laptops.

Intel Unison vs. Phone Link app

Microsoft's Link Phone and Intel's Unison are both first-party apps that simultaneously bridge the gap between a phone and a PC. Both the apps have identical features, with Phone Tether being superior in terms of user interface and functionality.

It should be noted that although standard features such as file transfer, Bluetooth phone calls, SMS, and app notifications are available in both apps, we should also expect that some more advanced features such as screen mirroring, app continuity, are currently exclusive to manufacturers' devices such as Samsung, OnePlus and Microsoft itself.

Key Intel Unison Features:

The Intel Unison app provides some interesting features that allow users to connect their Windows PC/Laptop to their Android phone or iPhone and access the phone's content on the go, such as:
Notifications: Users can receive, interact with, and respond to notifications from Windows devices.
Text messages: Users can read and reply to text messages directly from their computer.
Media Preview: Users can wirelessly preview and sync photos from their phone to their Windows PC without the need for cables.
File Transfer: Users no longer have to rely on third-party apps to send and receive files to and from their Windows devices. The app allows users to drag and drop files between their phone and computer.
Phone Calls: Users can make and receive calls from their PC via Bluetooth.

How to install the Intel Unison application

To get started, we first need to go to the Microsoft Store on our Windows 11 device and type Intel Unison in the search box at the top.

Since the app is gradually being released, there is a chance that the app may not appear in the Microsoft Store search in your country or region. To avoid this, click on the link below. It will redirect you to the official store page from where you can download the app.

The steps to install the Intel Unison app on Android and iOS are simple and do not require additional requirements.
Simply go to the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS), type Intel Unison in the search box, and click the Install button.
To make things simple and reduce the extra steps, here are the direct store links that will redirect you to the official store listing.
- Intel Unison App: Google Play Store
- Intel Unison App: Apple App Store

 Intel Unison Application Setup:

Setting up the app is very simple and requires no registration. Once the application is installed, launch the installed application either from the START menu or from Windows Search. Once you launch the app, you will be greeted with an interface that gives you an overview of the app and its features. Also, both the computer and the phone to be linked must be connected to the same network.

1-You need to go through all the required conditions and give all the required permissions.

2-Open the Intel Unison app in the phone, accept the terms and conditions, and grant the required permissions.

3- The desktop application will prompt you to scan the QR code that will be displayed on the screen via the smartphone application to complete the pairing of connecting both devices.

4-After scanning the QR code, you will be asked to confirm the pairing code displayed on both devices to ensure that the correct device is paired and registered in the app.

5-After successful pairing, click the Start button on your smartphone. Here the phone will be linked to Windows.

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