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With the development of technology and its ability to speak like a human through our phones and computers, such as a translator, Google Assistant, and Siri with iPhone devices, you can benefit from reading stories or books and electronic articles simply by using applications you carry on your smartphone, for example the PDF Studio application that will accompany us in this short post.

PDF Studio is a PDF reader with speech synthesizer that allows you to listen to documents.
PDF Studio will help us listen to the content of our PDF documents aloud so that we do not waste more time reading and so we can get the information quickly.
This feature is useful as it allows us to improve our productivity, saving time and effort.

However, its functionality is not summarized in reading PDF aloud, in addition to that, we will find the basic options for any PDF viewer.This way, you can review your files, perform searches, or open a document at the same point you left it.

PDF Studio is less than 5MB so we're talking about a fairly light app.
You can download it via the following links: Android, from here, PDF Studio
-link iOS apps 
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