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Reface app to switch your superhero face photos....If you want to not put your picture instead of pictures of heroes and super villains in movies, come to know reface, "If you want to send some scary or sarcastic gifs to your friends and family, then you should try this application. We will not be responsible for your work."

Reface app to switch your superhero face photos

What is a reface?

It is an artificial intelligence technology used to switch face photos and much more. The application was chosen as the best entertaining application in 2020 on the Play Store.

Reface is an AI application that can swap faces in video and GIFs in a few seconds. It ranked at the top of the US Apple AppStore shortly after its release.

Using the technique of replacing faces in the Reface application, the face image is replaced by another face image very naturally, as if it were a real image, taking into account the facial expressions and movements so that they appear completely real.

Using this technology, you will be amazed when you see your photos appearing in the roles of stars, popular videos, and more. But, how do you do this? We won't tell you, but try it for yourself to discover the app's great features.
-Link to download the application for Android from here ๐Ÿ”— || For iPhone from here ๐Ÿ”—
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