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The global video market occupies a central position among Internet users, who daily search for all kinds of information, including services and products. But what happens when videos are too long and you don't have time to watch them?

Now, there are Chrome add-ons to summarize YouTube videos using AI, which will save you time and learn quickly.

4 AI-powered Chrome Add-ons to Summarize Long YouTube Videos

Currently, artificial intelligence is advancing significantly and plays a major role when summarizing a video. It helps you capture key points in the video and understand the context in an easier way, reading only what you need. These tools will help you understand the most important parts of a YouTube video, whether it's for your work, study, or entertainment.

- Eightify

We start with Eightify, one of the fastest Chrome plugins for creating video reports on YouTube. It works by extracting key points from the video and compressing the content into a brief summary.

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The summary includes key points and video highlights, allowing viewers to get the most out of the content without having to watch the entire video.

- YouTubeDigest

It is an easy free add-on that allows you to quickly copy and summarize YouTube videos using OpenAI's ChatGPT AI technology. By using this extension virtually, you can learn faster and save time.
This useful add-on provides you with a brief summary in five points. However, you can edit this to get your summary in individual sections or paragraphs.

It has a text-to-speech feature and a language switching option. In addition, the abstract you get can be exported to a PDF or DOCX file.

To use YouTubeDigest, you must have a ChatGPT account.

The summary button inside the extension will help you reduce the content of the video you selected, which you can see with a timestamp to go to any important part of it.

- YouTube Summary

It is a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly access a summary of YouTube videos. This tool uses the ChatGPT language model to create an accurate and complete summary of the video, including the most relevant snippets and key points of the video.
The video script is generated instantly, and if you press the button with the OpenAI icon, you get a summary almost instantly within the ChatGPT app. Now you won't have to watch a long video to quickly understand the whole topic.You can use this extension when you need to save time.


It is a free and open source add-on designed to provide a summary of YouTube videos and Google searches with the help of ChatGPT. This allows you to get a quick overview of the content of a page or video in several languages.
With Glarity, you can view the full text of a YouTube video and create a summary of it, but you must have a ChatGPT account. Best of all, the tool is ad-free and comes with a privacy policy to protect your data.Overall, Glarity is a very useful tool to absorb the most important information from Google and YouTube quickly and easily.

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