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Artificial intelligence is a technological application used in many areas of life. One such area is the conversion of text to videoconferencing. There are many sites that use artificial intelligence to turn text into a video speaker, and in this article we will talk about 5 of them.

5 AI-powered sites that turn writing into a video-speaking person

5 Best Sites to Convert Writing to Video

1- Lumen5 website

Lumen5 is an online platform used to create marketing videos and other digital content using artificial intelligence techniques. Users can use Lumen5 to turn articles and text content into animated and engaging videos easily and quickly.

5 AI-powered sites that turn writing into a video-speaking person
The design, colors, images, music, text, and sounds can be customized to create a custom video that suits the user's needs. Lumen5 also gives access to a library of free photos and videos, as well as the ability to upload user-specific materials for inclusion in the video. Users can subscribe to paid plans to get additional benefits such as extra storage, access to more content, and editorial options.

2- InVideo Website

InVideo is an online site for creating marketing videos and other digital content using artificial intelligence techniques. InVideo allows users to easily create professional videos using the available ready-made template library that includes hundreds of diverse templates that can be customized to suit the user's needs. The site also allows users to upload their photos and videos and insert them into the final video.

InVideo features include text editing, sound effects, panning, colors, images, video, fonts, backgrounds, logos, animations, and more. Users can also choose the right music from the site's audio library, or use their own music. InVideo is available in different plans, including a free plan and paid plans that include additional benefits such as additional storage space and unlimited downloads.

3- Animoto website

Animoto is a website that allows users to create stunning videos using their own photos and videos. The site offers many options for customizing the video including templates, music, text, and colors.

The site uses machine learning technology to analyze images and suggest the best order in the video and allows users to share videos that are created on social media or uploaded to video sites such as YouTube. Users can use the site to create promotional videos for their business or to create souvenir videos for their parties or events.

4- Wibbitz

Wibbitz is a website and app that uses smart technology and machine learning to turn text content into short animated videos. Wibbitz uses "Text to Speech" technology to convert written text into audio text that can be used in video.

Wibbitz also allows users to use their own photos and videos to better customize the video. It allows users to fully edit and customize the video, add music, titles, watermark badges, and visual effects.

5- Wave.video

Wave.video is a website and application used to create and edit videos. The site allows the creation of videos of multiple sizes and formats, including animated images, ads, and short videos designed specifically for social media. Wave.video allows users to export video in different formats, such as MP4, GIF, and various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Users can also share video directly from the site to various social networks.

Converting text to video using these sites helps in producing video content quickly and easily, but it may not always be perfect and users may need additional editing to improve the end result.
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