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Learn about the features in Android phone cameras that help you capture professional-grade photos.

Smartphone cameras are one of the most commonly used items in daily life, allowing us to easily capture photos and videos and save them, as well as share them with others online. Modern Android phone cameras have various features that enable users to capture clear and high-quality photos.Below are some of the most prominent features and how to use them to help capture better photos:

1- Professional mode:

Enabling Pro mode in the camera app on Android phones allows you to manually adjust a range of camera settings that are typically adjusted automatically by the phone. If you want to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, and white balance yourself, activate Pro mode by following these steps:
  • Open the camera app on your phone, then click on the "More" button.
  • Click on the "Pro" option and new settings will appear at the bottom and top of the screen, which you can start adjusting according to your preferences.

2- Auto HDR feature:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology helps improve your photos by highlighting details in extremely bright and dark lighting situations, providing a more natural-looking image.

Features in Android phone cameras for capturing better photos

Knowing when to use HDR technology is an important factor in getting the most out of your Android phone camera. This technology doesn't always need to be used, and if you're not an expert in photography and don't know the best times to use it, you can activate the "Auto HDR" feature to allow your phone to activate or deactivate HDR as it sees fit.

To activate the "Auto HDR" feature, open the camera app, click on the HDR icon that usually appears next to the flash button, and then click on "Auto HDR."

3- Slo-Mo mode:

To create beautiful cinematic videos, you can use the Slo-Mo mode, which allows you to highlight some unique shots in slow motion to focus on their details. To activate this mode, follow these steps:
  • Open the camera app and navigate through the camera modes until you reach the "More" option and click on it.
  • Click on the "Slo-mo" option. Then, start recording a regular video, and when played back, it will be displayed in slow motion.

4- 10-bit color feature:

To capture more color details, enable the (10bit color) feature to give your photos greater color depth and accuracy, as well as more flexibility in the photo editing stage. To activate this feature, open the camera app and go to Settings, then click on the (10bit color) option.

5- Portrait mode:

To capture beautiful photos of people and pets using an Android phone camera and highlight the main subject in the photo, choose the (Portrait) mode. This mode focuses the camera on the person or main subject in the photo and makes the background slightly blurry and indistinct. To activate this mode, open the camera app, click on the Portrait option, and then take the photo as usual.

6- RAW mode:

RAW mode allows you to capture high-quality and accurate RAW images that can be easily edited using image processing software, so you can control lighting, color contrast, and many other details better than JPEG images.
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