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If you are looking for a new job, the first task to do is to create your CV file, but instead of writing it yourself, you can use an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to create or improve it quickly to save your time.

CVTop AI tools for creating resume files
There are many artificial intelligence tools that help you customize your CV, cover letters for each job you apply to suit the needs of the job, and can analyze the content of your resume and make suggestions for improvements.

Best AI Solutions for Crafting Resume and CV Documents

Here are the most prominent artificial intelligence tools that help you create a CV file professionally and quickly:

1- Rezi.AI tool

Best AI Solutions for Crafting Resume and CV Documents
Rezi.AI uses AI technologies to automate every aspect of CV file creation, from writing, editing, formatting and even suggesting improvements to already written files. Once you are logged into the tool, you can choose what you want to create, some options include: CV, Cover Letter, and Resignation Letters. It also offers more than 300 ready-made CV templates for most job specialties, from which you can choose and make the adjustments you want.

Rezi.AI uses generative AI to write you the perfect resume in minutes, based on the content and job title you give them. Most companies now use ATS to automatically scan and classify resume files, which are automated systems that use keywords to search for in each file, so if you choose keywords that are relevant to the job you are applying for, you will bypass these systems.
Rezi uses AI to optimize your resume with the right keywords so you can bypass applicant tracking systems. It also analyzes the content of the resume to identify linguistic errors, exaggerated words and unhelpful content.

The tool allows you to download your CV in PDF or TXT format, or save it in A4 format, as it allows you to save 30 documents that you can edit or update at any time.

2- Resume Word tool:

- Resume Word tool

Rohan Mahtani founded Resume Word in 2017 with the goal of helping people get their dream jobs. Now the platform uses artificial intelligence to help you create the perfect CV profile, and it also helps you optimize your LinkedIn account to suit the job you're applying for.

  • To use this tool you will need to go to the Resume Word website
  •  create an account using a Google account or any other email, after that, you can choose between verifying your CV or verifying your LinkedIn account.
To scan your CV file, all you have to do is upload the file on the site and in just 30 seconds, you will get actionable steps based on the opinions of recruiters to improve your CV.
Resume Worded uses the same applicant tracking systems as most companies, and the tool also provides easy and simple templates that are vetted by experts and specialists to successfully pass through CV screening programs and recruitment programs. For example, the CV proofreading tools used offer some tips for using more keywords, replacing sentences that lack clarity, and deleting redundant and unnecessary information.

3- Enhancv tool:

Top AI tools for creating resume CV files

Enhancv offers a variety of tools that make it easy for you to create your CV, such as: an AI-based resume builder, a set of ready-made CV templates, a content analysis tool, as well as career advice to help you with every part of your job search, from how to write a CV to preparing for an interview to pass it successfully.

-To create a CV with Enhancv, all you have to do is upload your CV file if you have one before, or select your job title to choose the appropriate CV template that can be modified to your liking.
Top AI tools for creating resume CV files

If you're setting up a file for the first time, write a summary of your resume, or describe your work experience from newest to oldest and the tool will create a file for you.

You can also use the built-in content analysis tool that will analyze your file according to your job title and experience, and then offer you suggestions for editing, such as deleting vague language terms, exaggerated traditional claims – such as the ability to work under pressure – linguistic errors, and unnecessary speech, to make your resume effective and specific to the job you are applying for.

4- Skillroads tool:

What sets Skillroads apart from some other resume sites is its ability to create an accurate resume using artificial intelligence, cover letters, as well as optimizing your LinkedIn account so you don't lose your chance of getting your dream job.
All you have to do to create your CV at Skillroads is enter your job title, then answer a brief questionnaire to describe your experience by identifying strengths and skills, and using smart data sources and natural language processing (NLP) the killroads AI Robo robot will create a professional profile for you that is compatible with applicant tracking systems.

5- Hiration tool:

Hiration uses artificial intelligence to create CVs and cover letters, review written CVs and suggest improvements, as well as review a LinkedIn account.
Top AI tools for creating resume CV files

This tool uses the latest AI technology trained on millions of optimized resumes, all you have to do is upload the CV file and the tool will identify errors that are difficult to find, and offer you clear and actionable points such as: the right keywords that you can use so that you can bypass applicant tracking systems, and other improvements.

This article was talking about Best AI Solutions for Crafting Resume and CV Documents.

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