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If you are looking to take more care of your health and protect yourself from disease, choosing healthy eating is one of the main things to focus on. With the spread of technology and easy access to information via websites and apps, anyone can know the best foods for their health online. But it is necessary to focus on choosing reliable websites that provide accurate information from experts in the field of nutrition.

To help you find websites that offer useful and reliable information about healthy eating, here are 5 of the top nutrition and healthy food websites:

1- Nutritionfacts.org Website:

The founder of Nutritionfacts.org, Dr. Michael Greger, is best known for writing several bestseller books, such as How Not To Diet. This site contains a collection of evidence-backed research on foods that can help fight and prevent disease.
1- Nutritionfacts.org Website:
  • The site also has a video library section with more than 2,000 videos on various topics in the field of nutrition and healthy eating.
  •  You can easily find what you're looking for in-site topics using the search button.
  • You'll also find a range of recorded lectures, podcasts and infographics on nutrition and healthy eating.

2- Dr. Pompa:

Dr.Pompa offers practical advice on how to improve health and prevent disease through a collection of useful articles.
2- Dr.  Pompa:
  • This site focuses mainly on fasting, and when you visit the site you will find the Fasting tab in the navigation bar through which you can access instructions on how to fast, what you should do during fasting and what to avoid. 
  • In addition to the (Diet) section, which includes articles and guidelines about different diets, and multiple other sections, such as: (Nutrition), (Healthy Recipes) and others.
You can also listen to the weekly Cellular Healing TV program discussing health topics with experts in the field of health and nutrition.

3- Eat This, Not That!:

Eat This, Not That! On the latest news about nutrition and healthy foods.
  • The Healthy Eating section is the best section to learn about healthy foods. If you want to start preparing healthy recipes based on what you learned from the healthy eating section, you can visit the Recipes section to learn how to prepare many healthy dishes.
  • This site also includes a (Restaurants) section where you can know the best food options that you can find in restaurants, and the options that are recommended to avoid to maintain your health.
  • You can also subscribe to the site's newsletter to receive weekly tips on nutrition and healthy eating directly to your inbox.

4- Open Food Facts website:

To ensure healthy eating, you must know how to read the labels on food packages to know the ingredients, calories and all other nutritional information about food products. But many brands don't clarify all the nutritional information about their products to help sell them.
To ensure complete nutritional information about the world's most popular food products, you can visit the Open Food Facts website, which provides complete nutritional information on the most famous food products from around the world.
  • The site gives each product a score (Nutri-Score) ranging from A-E, and this score depends on the food classification system (NOVA), which classifies foods according to the level of processing they have been exposed to, and if foods have been subjected to a lot of processing during their manufacture, you will find next to them a grade E and No. 4 according to the NOVA classification.
  • This way, you'll be aware of foods that are most likely to cause harm to your health.
  • You can search this site for products whose ingredients you want to know the most, and how much processing they have been subjected to, using the built-in search tool, by typing the name of the product, typing one of the ingredients in it, or typing the name of the brand that manufactured it.

5- Glycemic Index Guide:

The Glycemic Index Guide is concerned with everything related to the Glycemic Index, a measure used to measure the effect of different foods on blood sugar levels.

  • This site explains in detail what the GI is, how to calculate it, and how you can use it to determine the right foods for your diet, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
Foods are divided into three categories according to their GI level: low (0-55), medium (56-69), high (70+), and this site shows the glycemic index of most foods, and this will help you determine the best food options to maintain blood sugar.
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