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The emergence of ChatGPT-4 was amazing. The model has changed everything we understand about artificial intelligence on a day-to-day basis. While many people are still unaware of what GPT-4 is, others are already integrating its features into their daily lives in innovative ways. On this occasion, we will specifically discuss how to improve your productivity and daily efforts thanks to 7 artificial intelligence tools that many people are not aware of, but are absolutely amazing. 

7 free AI tools that can help you with things you never thought of
These artificial intelligence AI systems are ideal for our modern-day needs and for all those moments where we require assistance in our productivity, whether it be for school or work, they can make our lives much easier.

7 free AI tools that can help you with things you never thought of

Gamma AI

One such application is Gamma AI, which is a ready-to-use tool that can change everything. It is capable of producing beautiful presentations based on a series of inputs that you provide.

In my case, I attempted to create a presentation on "The Fall of the Roman Empire" and it worked like magic. It is clear that human input is necessary to correct any errors that may still exist In summary:

  • It is an artificial intelligence capable of creating presentations with the data you request.
  • It works incredibly well, and it understands you perfectly.
  • It is free, despite its limited usage.
However, it is worth noting that it uses GPT-4 instead of GPT-3, as it understands you much better even with minimal descriptive data.

Slides AI

Similar to Gamma AI, we find a ready-made application to change everything. Its goal is to provide PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations. Currently, it allows us to use a limited free version, while also offering the possibility of a payment plan.

Is slides AI free to use?

Through this service:
  • We can create three free presentations per month.
  • It is ideal for integration with Google or PowerPoint presentations.
  • It offers very interesting designs and ideas.
  • It saves us the trouble of doing the deposit ourselves.
When lack of inspiration or time constraints are something you're worried about, it's a good idea to seek help. Slidesgo comes to the rescue with its latest functionality—the AI Presentation Maker! With a few clicks, you'll have wonderful slideshows that suit your own needs. And it's totally free.

Kickresume AI

Don't know how to make your CV? Don't worry, this is the perfect solution for that. With Kickresume we can create our resume with a few clicks and enter some data. This will make life easier for us because it also presents it in a very aesthetic way, having a much more positive performance even than those that we can do with Canva templates.

Kickresume AI

Taskade AI

If you love "to-do list" apps, then this is perfect for you as it also includes powerful artificial intelligence. It is a very interesting feature that allows us to save time and patience, as it will also help us create mind maps for the information we have.

Background AI

Are you a content creator? Well, AI can design your Chroma background without any problem. You simply have to tell him the prompts that will govern your background design and he will do so within a few minutes. You can also create wallpapers for phone and other devices or for any other function where we need a beautiful background.

Stability AI

Stability AI is not an application in itself, but rather an add-on that adds artificial intelligence to our Photoshop program. As a result, we will be able to create images directly in the world's most popular design software.You can also incorporate it into Blender to help with your 3D projects. This way, we are talking about an interesting solution that can make our lives easier when it comes to integrating artificial intelligence into our human projects.


It is a service with years of experience. You want to make the design accessible to all users. Now, he is able to turn a drawing into a design thanks to the powerful artificial intelligence that has been incorporated. Thus, it will be much easier in all aspects, the truth is that it is a function that seems pure magic. If you are not very talented, this could be the solution.

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