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Best Tools for Creating Animated GIF Images for Sharing on Social Media | Easily Convert Videos into Animated Images

Animated images (GIFs) are one of the most prominent means of expression and communication. These images stand out for their ability to convey messages quickly and evoke fun, making them a popular choice for expressing emotions and ideas in a creative and entertaining way. Due to the preference of many people for using GIFs, several free applications and tools have been developed to help you create GIF images.

Easily convert video to gif

Here are five free tools for easily creating GIF images:

These tools provide you with the ability to convert any image or video clip into a GIF image within minutes, and you can easily share them with others through messaging apps and social media platforms

Make A GIF:

The "Make A GIF" tool empowers you to fashion a GIF image from various sources such as pictures, videos on your computer, web content, YouTube or Facebook videos, and even videos directly recorded from your webcam.

For creating a GIF from a collection of pictures, it's a breeze – you can effortlessly arrange them through drag-and-drop, simultaneously resize all images, and fine-tune the motion speed. When turning a video into a GIF, you simply pinpoint the specific segment you'd like to convert.
Make A GIF
This tool also offers text addition to GIF images, although note that previewing the text before creation or adjusting its placement isn't an option.

When your GIF masterpiece is ready using the "Make A GIF" tool, you have the option to save it on your computer or obtain a URL address for online access at your convenience.


Ezgif.com is a simple web application that allows users to easily convert images and videos into GIF images. Once the desired image or video is uploaded, you can adjust the frames, motion speed, and make other modifications.
ezgif maker

You can also edit the created image, such as cropping it, resizing it, reversing it, rotating it to a specific angle, splitting a GIF image back into its original frames, and adding text to it.


The Picasion tool enables the creation of GIF images using pictures from your computer or from the Flickr website. When uploading from your computer, it's essential to upload each image individually, as batch uploading isn't supported.

While this tool offers some editing capabilities, there are limitations. You cannot add text to a GIF, rotate the images, or change their sequence. Before generating a GIF, you have the option to feature it in the online Picasion gallery. After creating the GIF, you can either download it or obtain a direct link to its online storage location. Furthermore, sharing it on social media platforms or sending it via email to a friend is possible.


The ImgFlip tool allows you to create GIF images from images, video URL links, or other GIF image URL links. You can also use videos stored on your computer. ImgFlip provides a preview of the image during the creation process.


You have the flexibility to modify the animation speed, organize the sequence of images, fine-tune the dimensions and quality, crafting a distinctive GIF from your collection of pictures. Furthermore, there's an option to incorporate text into the image, along with the ability to crop, rotate, and alter the background color.

After generating the image, you have the choice to either download it to your computer or share it across various social media platforms. It's worth noting that all GIFs produced through ImgFlip come with a watermark unique to the ImgFlip tool. This watermark can be eliminated by subscribing to the premium version, ImgFlip Pro.


Imgur offers a convenient method for generating GIF images from videos and promptly sharing or saving them to your device.

To initiate the process, just paste the video link you wish to convert into a GIF, specify the preferred start and end points, and optionally include any additional text. Once this is completed, the image is generated, and GIFs can extend up to a maximum duration of 60 seconds.
Following the creation of your GIF image, you will be directed to a dedicated page where you can download it to your device, share it with others, or opt to delete it if you so desire ,These were the best tools for converting videos into animated GIFs
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