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Free Chrome extensions for summarizing YouTube videos.

You may come across many YouTube videos that you want to watch but they are unnecessarily long, and it becomes a real problem when you are looking to get some information quickly and you are forced to watch the entire video to get to it. However, artificial intelligence has a solution to this problem. You can now easily create short and specific summaries of long YouTube videos using browser add-ons that rely on artificial intelligence in their operation.

Free Chrome extensions for summarizing YouTube videos by artificial intelligence

Whether you need to summarize videos for work or personal use, here are some add-ons to help you:
To use the tools, simply click on their name and you will be redirected to their official website to install them.

 1- Glarity :

Glarity is an open-source add-on that utilizes the ChatGPT robot to summarize search results and YouTube videos. Once a video is played, the add-on automatically activates and begins creating a summary, which is displayed on the right side of the video.

his add-on supports 12 languages, allowing you to get a video summary in multiple languages. However, you must have a ChatGPT account in order to use this add-on. The add-on is completely free, ad-free, and comes with a privacy policy to protect your data. It is available for free to users of Chrome, Firefox, and Apple's Safari browser.


The Eightify extension uses the language model GPT to summarize YouTube videos. Once installed in your browser, you'll see a "Summarize" button next to the like button below any video you watch on YouTube. 

Add Eightify:

Clicking it will create an eight-point summary of the video displayed on the right side of the screen. This extension provides a quick way to understand the video, and it allows you to create summaries in different languages.

The free Eightify plan offers five free summaries after installation, and three more each week. Additionally, you can only summarize a YouTube video for free if it has more than 30,000 views and is less than 60 minutes long.

However, if you want to summarize a video that doesn't meet these criteria, you'll need to upgrade to the Eightify Pro plan. This extension is only available for Chrome users.

3- YouTubeDigest Extension:

The YouTubeDigest extension can create video summaries on YouTube in various formats.

By default, it provides a summary of the video in five points, but you can change the settings to get summaries as titled sections, single paragraphs, or articles.

If you choose to get the summary in bullet points or sections, there is an option to specify the number of points or sections. In addition to the option to change the language, you can export the summary as an article or a PDF or DOCX file for easy sharing and reference. 

However, what sets this extension apart from all the other extensions on this list is its support for text-to-speech conversion, so you don't have to read the summaries you create but can listen to them instead. This extension is available for free to Chrome and Firefox users only.

4-YouTube Summary with ChatGPT:

The "YouTube Summary with ChatGPT" extension allows you to save time and learn faster by quickly summarizing long YouTube videos. In addition to providing video summaries, it also offers the full text of the video in case you don't want to miss any important information. After installing this extension, you will see a box named "Transcript & Summary" in the top left corner of the YouTube video page. Clicking on it will generate the full text of the video, and to create a summary, click on the OpenAI logo and the ChatGPT extension will open in a new tab, displaying the summary. This extension allows you to customize the prompts provided to ChatGPT, but the only downside is that it redirects you to the ChatGPT website instead of displaying the summary in the same tab. This extension is available for free to users of the Chrome and Safari web browsers from Apple.

5- VidSummize Extension:

The VidSummize add-on uses the linguistic model GPT-3.5 to summarize any video on YouTube, of any length, in just a few seconds. The summary is divided into chapters and points, making it easy to review and read only the essential parts. This add-on allows you to customize the claims for personalized results and supports 17 languages.

»It is available for free to Chrome and Firefox browser users and is also available as an application for Android users on Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store.

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