FreedomGPT - The most dangerous alternative to ChatGPT answers anything you want without censorship

ChatGPT is the artificial intelligence that has impressed the world more than any other. The OpenAI chatbot has been the dominant trend online since November 2022, and there are currently many ways to communicate with this artificial intelligence: from WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Bing, and more.

The most dangerous alternative to ChatGPT answers anything you want without censorship

If you have used ChatGPT before, you may be aware of the limitations imposed on it by OpenAI. This artificial intelligence has been trained on a limited number of topics that can provoke controversial responses, such as politics, black humor, racism, violence, religion, and sexual activity.

However, an evil version of ChatGPT has emerged online, claiming to answer any type of question without any censorship.This AI is called FreedomGPT, and it is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, but it is unrestricted and unbiased, prioritizing freedom of expression in the world of artificial intelligence.
It uses a language model called Alpaca, an open-source AI created by a team of experts from Stanford University. This initiative is run by an American company dedicated to AI development called Age of AI.

Well, the opportunity was given to BuzzFeed News team to give FreedomGPT a full chance to see what artificial intelligence can do, and the comments were disturbing. Faced with questions that ChatGPT may refuse to answer for ethical and moral reasons, this chatbot was extremely candid: it praised Hitler, made recommendations on how to commit suicide, how to make a bomb, and many other controversial answers, things we don't advise you to ask about.

How do you use FreedomGPT?

If you're not afraid of the responses you might get from FreedomGPT and want to experience artificial intelligence, there are currently two ways to do so. One of them uses the chat available on its website, which doesn't require prior registration. Now, unfortunately, FreedomGPT receives high traffic from users on its website, so the chatbot may not be able to answer your question.

If this happens to you, you will have to choose its application for computers, which is not yet available, since pressing the "Download" button will take you to the Google form in which you can join the queue of the first users who will be able to test the application. Here below we leave you the relevant links:

- Web Version: FreedomGPT

- Desktop application: FreedomGPT

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